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100 Volt DC Digital Panel Meter

This is the meter I use in my GEO Tracker. Red LED's are the easiest to see during the day. The meter uses a pressure fit; pressure tabs on the ends. I think digital meters are easier to read and they are more precise.

This meter is easy to install, but requires some special hookup. It must be powered by a 5 volt DC source; it is an instrument panel meter. It can not be powered - directly - by your vehicles 12vdc battery system. I have included a 12vdc to 5vdc regulator below. Connect it to your 12vdc system. If you do not want to use the regulator, the meter can be powered by a 9v alkaline battery connected to a toggle switch.   

100 Volt DC Digital Meter
  • Requires a 5vdc power source (below)
  • Range: 0-99.9 volts
  • Available in Red, Blue, Green
  • Size:  L 1.77in x H 1.4in x D .79in
    L 45mm x H 26.5mm x D 20mm

  ebay ColdFusion


  • Wire your 5vdc to the 5V+ and 5V- wires
  • Wire the Input wires, + and - to the voltage you want to measure.
  • If you want to turn this meter on and off, install a toggle switch on the +5V wire.
  • If you get the wires backwards it will burn up the meter.


12vdc to 5vdc 7805 Regulator

This is 5V power regulator designed by using a famous voltage regulator IC 7805. Output is very stable and smooth. Fluctuation, noise, spike all eliminated. The input can take a range from 7v to 36v dc.

It's an ideal candidate for being used for our Digital Panel Meter or other device driven by 5V DC at low current.  

  ebay ColdFusionx

Input: DC 7v~36v (unregulated)
Output: DC 5V (regulated/constant)
Current: 100mA (1A max*)


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