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Tuning 101 AFR Control Center (Air Fuel Ratio)

"Hydrogen Garage owns this product and sells it from their web site."


If you want to obtain the largest mileage gains possible from any HHO Generator, you must modify the signals from 4 sensor groups. On most automotive emissions control systems, just doing the O2 Sensor(s) with an EFIE will not get it done. All of the following sensor signals must be done:

  • All Oxygen Sensors (O2)

  • MAF or MAP Sensor

  • CTS or ECT Sensor

  • IAT Sensor

The Tuning 101 AFR Control Center is the only device that is doing the above.

  • Thermostatically Controlled. It activates your HHO Generator when your engine water temperature reaches 160 degrees F. The AFR Control Center will automatically turn on as long as your coolant temperature remains at 148 degrees F, or higher.

  • Has Quad "True Digital" EFIE's with Adaptive Control. Handles 4 O2 Sensors; emits a Digital signal to the ECU.

  • Has Adaptive Control for the newer 25 MS. High Speed O2 Sensors.

  • Works with systems that have 2.5 volt bias O2 Sensors (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep)

  • Has 1 wire hookups for your IAT & CTS Sensors.

  • IAT Sensor adjusted with a 20 turn potentiometer. This adjusts your timing 1/4 degree at a time (Intake Air Temperature). You must control Ignition Timing with a Scan Tool.

  • A Scan Gauge is necessary for maximum mileage gains (not a Scan Tool). The gauge is for monitoring the tuning adjustments you make on the AFR. You don't tune with the Scan Gauge.

  • Has an expanded range MAF & MAP Enhancer (Load Sensor Control).

  • Lets you take control of your Air/Fuel Ration (AFR).

  • Puts you in charge of your ECU (emissions computer)

  • Has 30 second time delay sequential switching, that brings in your modifications in the proper sequence. (critical for maximum mileage gains).

This device is not for beginners. A certain amount of skill level is required. You must have experience  experimenting with HHO and have basic automotive knowledge, patience, and the ability to follow directions.



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Partial List of Installation Steps

2012 Tuning 101 AFC Control Center

It is highly recommended that you purchase a Haynes or Chiltonís repair manual for your
specific vehicle with a schematic wiring diagrams and color coding identification. It will
prove very valuable throughout your installation and tuning procedures. You also should purchase a Scan Tool for making adjustments.



Temperature Sensor Wire

With the Tstat switching device, you will need to solder on lengths of wire to the Tstat stub wires
in sufficient length to reach your 12 v ignition switched power source and to reach the 12v input of your Tuning 101 Automated AFR Control Center. Refer to above photo. Connect your terminal marked GND to either the negative terminal of the battery or a GOOD clean chassis ground.



Upstream O2 Sensor Wires

Determine your signal wire from each 02 sensor. This again will be identified in your repair manual wiring diagram. We have also included in a separate document of instructions for determining all of your signal wires with your volt meter as a second alternative to your Haynes or Chilton's Service Manual diagram. You will now cut the signal wire of your upstream 02 sensor above the plug in block for the 02 sensor, anywhere between the plug in block and the computer. What ever location is most accessible. You will need to solder on a length of wire from the cut wire that goes directly to the 02 sensor and sufficient in length to reach your AFR Control mounting location. This wire is attached to the connector marked F1 In. You will now solder on a length of wire to the remaining portion of the cut signal wire that goes to the computer and insert it into the connector marked F1 Out. (partial instructions)

Downstream O2 Sensor Wires

You will now be connecting your downstream ( after the catalytic converter ) 02 sensors if your
vehicle has them. The procedure is the same as your upstream sensors. Locate the signal wire of your First downstream sensor and cut it. You will need to add lengths of wire to each side of your cut signal wire in order to reach your AFR Control mounting location. The wire that goes directly to the downstream 02 sensor is inserted into R1 In and the wire that goes to the computer is inserted into R1 Out. If you have a second downstream 02 sensor, once again locate the signal wire, cut it, and sufficient wire
to each end of the cut signal wire to reach the mounting location of your AFR Control. The wire that goes directly to the 02 sensor is inserted into the connector marked R2 In, and the wire that goes to the computer is inserted into the connector marked R2 Out. You are now finished with the wiring for the EFIE portion of the AFR Control Center.

MAP/ MAF Sensor Wire

The AFR Control Center contains a voltage based MAF/MAP enhancer, which is prevalent in most vehicles today. There are some vehicles that use a frequency based MAF sensor and a voltage based MAP sensor. These are rare, and are usually found in some Ford & GM products. If your vehicle has this combination, use which ever of the two sensors is voltage based. You do not need to adjust the signals of both. Either the MAF or the MAP will suffice.

If your vehicle has a voltage based MAF sensor we recommend using the MAF

CTS Sensor Wire

Locate your CTS. A word of caution: Some vehicles have 2 almost identical CTS. (coolant temperature sensorís) One is for operation of a temperature gauge or indicator, and one that supplies information to the ECU. Make certain that you locate and connect to the one that is supplying information to the ECU. The one you are looking for will have 2 wires, one will be a 5 volt input to the sensor, and the other is your signal wire.

IAT Sensor Wire

Locate your IAT ( intake air temperature ) sensor. There will be 2 wires going to the sensor. You will NOT be cutting any wires. You will skin off some of the insulation from the signal wire. Refer to your manuals diagram. Or you can refer to the document Identifying your signal wires. Solder on a length of wire sufficient in length to reach your AFR Control Center and attach it in the terminal marked IAT.

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