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61 Plate Dry Cell - 1 Stack


Are you interested in a Big one? Do you want to take Electrolysis to the next level?
Well welcome to the Bob Boyce way.

First of all, what kind of voltage do we need to power 61 plates? I ran a configuration and here is what I came up with:

Using 120 Volts DC as a power source, 61 plates will provide 2. volts across each water cell. That is efficiency.
Of course,

Second; how much HHO gas can this monster make? Here is what my configurator predicts; using a DC Inverter as a power source:


Why 6 inch plates? We are talking 120 volts here. We are going to need an AC power source and convert it to DC power; rectify it. Lets go easy on our utility bill for now. Also keep in mind, our power source may be coming from an Inverter that is powered by a 12 or 24 volt system. 6 inch plates have enough surface area to handle up to 18 Amps without creating excess heat. Safely put this puppy on a 20 amp circuit breakers. It is the number of plates that increases our HHO production, not the size of them. Size more or less regulates the heat via the amperage (current density restriction).

My calculations show that 1 amp will draw 120 watts from our power source, and it will produce 637 ML or 0.637 LPM. That equates to 10.61 ML of HHO per water cell, per amp. Not bad.

How close are my calculations?
Bob Boyce explanation and description of this build.

What could this monster be used for?

  • Trucks and Cars that have space to accommodate a big cell

  • Diesel Trucks

  • RV's

  • Water Welders & Torches

  • Stationary Generators

If you want to make even more LPM, then increase the size of the plates. 8x8 plates will allow up to 32 amps. That can make 20+ LPM, at 3840 Watts. Use my Cell Configurator for a better understanding.



(you really should power this Cell from your AC Mains)




Information on Inverters
  2300 Watt Inverter / 120v / 60 hz

  Information at Voltage Converters.com

  • Comes with a Wireless Remote, For ON/OFF capability
  • 19.2 Continuous Amps
  • Can supply a 6x6 inch, 61 plate cell
  • Watch the video below


120 Volt Power

AC Mains Power Information -
  90 Amp AC Diode Bridge Rectifier, with heat sink; 1000 volt.

You will need 1 of these if you are going to make your own power supply for 120 volt mains. AC will be rectified into DC Pulses.




Amp Controllers

Variac Transformers

This becomes your Controller; varying the voltage varies the amperage. It also varies the water cell voltage as the Output voltage changes.

These are available in different Input voltages, and Amperages, as well as phase. Use caution when ordering one. The Link I am providing is just for reference right now.

You will need a unit that uses a 120 volt Input, that can handle - probably 10 to 20 Amps Continuous Operating.




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