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Carbon Fiber Electrode Plates

Does Carbon Fiber conduct electricity? Yes
Is Carbon Fiber a good conductor? No. It is about 1000 times more resistive to electricity than copper.
Is Carbon Fiber Magnetic? No
Does Carbon Fiber Polarize when electric current is passed across it? Yes. It becomes a Diode.
Can Carbon Fiber be used as HHO electrode plates? Yes; but only as Unipolar plates. Neutrals will not work.

Carbon Fiber plates are made, for the most part, by weaving carbon fibers together and bonding them with polymers; to hold them together. The polymer must be removed from the surface of the plates, if not, very little conductive surface area will be exposed to the HHO water; thus very little HHO will be produced.

Carbon Fiber has very few Free-electrons, compared to 316L Stainless Steel. Thus, its electrical characteristics are sub-par to most metals.

The videos below, state that the Carbon Fiber electrodes are producing very good HHO production, using 5 amps. Sorry, but I highly disagree. See for yourself. While you are at it, notice how the oxygen bubbles hang around in the water. That is because of the poor magnetic field being produced. Colored water is a sign of deterioration taking place; perhaps the bonding material.


Videos by EnergyFabricator (youtube)


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