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The Cell has a winter jacket to cover it; made from pvc and has this new 8 layer space age stuff as an inner lining to keep it warm. It's used for insulation under baton roofs. So this will look cool.
The cell has a 22 inch outer case with 3  20 inch inner tubes. It has a bolt welded either end to the center tube; 1.9 mm thick wall, to take the heat. The bolts are M16. The whole thing is polished 316L stainless steel; including the bubbler - the whole lot!
The cell sits on a wall strap that has been made into a bracket; sits on it a bit like a toilet roll does on its bracket - earthing out at both ends. Adjusts backwards and forwards to get a good gravity point.
The cap ends were metal spun out of alloy then polished.  The slide over each end to hide the bracket and the bolts and nuts at each end.

Inside tubes are 1.5, 1.75, and 2.0 inches in diameter; 20 inches long; 0.065 wall thickness
Container is 3 inches in diameter; 22 inches long.

The bubbler was measured and built to fit the truck. The inlet and outlet gas pipes on the bubbler are all made out of 316 half inch tube. Then the elbows were individually made into 90 degree bends and then milled to gain a barb for the pipes to grip. Then welded to the direction of the desired choice.
The water level elbows are the same process. The top and bottom were then welded up with cut 3 inch circles cut out of 316 plate 1.6mm wall thickness; as is all the cell. Then a hole made for the view port. The view port is a welded nut allowing the stainless stopper to fit.
Then was polished on the polishing wheel.



A note from aspert:

"I live in the U.K. and am willing to assist anyone where ever they are. I am happy to replicate as well for those who don't want the bother. The build for it has machine milled parts at each end. Gas production is 2 liters in just 1 minute 5 seconds using 13.5volts @ 15amps! It is on a 30 amp relay; 24 volts is used on the vehicle. Sodium hydroxide is the electrolyte. The cell is self filling by gravity through the center pipe just below the emblem. It gets filled from the Bubbler."

"Many Thanks to:
   daddyo - zerofossilfuel - kyhydro - madscientist - Brian - and many more hho united soldiers."



First mileage Results:

I've just got home from London.

I covered 421 klms (261 miles). It went really well. I set it on cruise control and sat at 60 all the way. The amp meter sat at between 15 and 28 amps all the way.

Now the best bit. I set off with EXACTLY a fill tank. You know, when the gauge is on the full marker, no more no less. I honestly thought the gauge was broke, it did not move for ages. I arrived at my sons flat with over 3/4 of a tank. Filled the car up with my sons gear and headed home. Got to Salisbury with between 1/2 and 3/4 in the tank. Arrived home with about 1mm over 1/2 a tank of fuel.

Now, I have a 75 LTR tank. I estimate that I have used 30 ltrs of fuel. It is a v6 2.5 turbo engine.

261 / 30 = 40 MPG. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!! As we found out; my car should do 26 - 30 mpg. So at the very least the cell is generating an extra 10 miles to the gallon, but probably 12- 14. Brilliant!! Des, that equates to a 43% increase in fuel. Excellent. I honestly think its going to get better over time. The car is definitely running better every time I drive it.

Thanks again Des



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