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Driving Tips

  Money Saving Gas Tips:
How you drive and maintain your vehicle can either increase or decrease your vehicle's fuel efficiency and your gas costs. Consider these simple tips that can add up to savings worth weeks of groceries or other needs for you and your family. Why pay more at the pump than you have to?

Hypermiling, or driving your car “in a manner that maximizes mileage,” has become more popular among drivers worldwide, as concerns over increasing gas prices and environmental issues heighten. Whether you’re trying to make a difference by helping the environment, or you’re just aiming to save a few more dollars at the pump each month, check out this ultimate guide to hypermiling, which provides tips and resources for smart driving.


Take it slow and save big on gas. You can get 35 percent better fuel mileage out of your current vehicle by using a device most drivers already have. That would be your right foot.

  • Coast more; let off the peddle on down grades.
  • Back off the peddle slightly as you begin to crest the top of a hill. Momentum will carry you over the top.
  • Drive the speed limit. The car behind you will get over it.
  • If you find yourself speeding, back off the gas and coast; use the momentum.
  • Start coasting sooner when you know you are going to have to stop, or make a turn.
  • Avoid turning sharp; it slows you down, and adds excess wear to your tires.
  • The longer you stay in High gear, the better your fuel mileage will be. That is why city driving sucks gas; you change gears a lot.


Cold Weather Hurts :

  • All vehicles get poor mileage when it is cold. Cold weather can cause a 10 percent or more drop in fuel efficiency.

  • Be prepared for dismal mileage in deep snow if you drive in cold weather climates. Driving through snow is energy-intensive, and it will show up on your mileage computer.

  • If you turn on the vehicle to warm it up before driving off, expect mileage to be low. You are getting 0 mpg while the vehicle is sitting there warming up.

Driving for MPG :



                                        Look Ahead  


                                        Slow Down  


                                    Seating Position  


                                      Skid Recovery  



                                     Tire Pressure



                          Two Wheels off the Pavement  


                                 Driver Distractions  


                        Look Where You Want To Go  


                                 Vehicle Dynamics  


                                     Don't Give Up  


                              Space Management  


                              Speed Management  



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