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HHO Flow Meter


AliCat Scientific Flow Meter, Calibrated for HHO. Model M-20SLPM-D/5M, GAS HHO

Steve, at GreenFuelH2O, demonstrates the accuracy of the bottle fill method, versus the AliCat. The bottle fill method is surprisingly accurate in comparison. His first experiments with the AliCat were, in my opinion, very inaccurate; LPM was about 40% high. Steve discovered that the moisture was affecting the reading. So to solve the problem, he added an additional Dryer to filter off the moisture. Steve noticed that his larger cells measured around 100 ML PM more than Faraday. That could be because of the pressure needed to route the gases from the cell, through the Alicat, and then through the bottle Flow Meter. A slight back pressure could be the reason. At any rate, Steve has justified the use of the AliCat if moisture is minimized. Thank You Steve, at GreenfuelH20.com

If you as an HHO Company are using this AliCat Flow Meter, your measurements will be at or close to my Faraday Cell Configurator calculations, if and only if you minimize the moisture. The video below proves it.


In GreenfuelH2O's words, Alicat really knows how to measure gas. That is what they are in business to do.


  AliCat web site
If you place an order, you must tell them you need HHO included.
Model M-20SLPM-D/5M, GAS HHO


I have been telling people that you can not measure two different gases with the same meter; specifically hydrogen and oxygen. As it turns out, I am wrong. A company by the name of Dwyer can custom make a Flow Meter for you.


Call toll free at 1-800-872-9141 and ask to speak to a Flow Meter product engineer.

  • Tell the engineer your are measuring mixed Hydrogen and Oxygen gases.
  • The ratio of the gases are 66.666% Hydrogen and 33.333% Oxygen.
  • They will Custom Build the meter for you; at an expense.

If you tell them the wrong mix ratio, the meter will provide the wrong measurement.

Personally, I would ask them the percentage of accuracy +/- what %.
I would also ask them "what part of the ball is used to read the measurement" (top, middle, bottom). It makes a difference; you see, the bead height is 2 of the meter marks (200 ML each mark). So there could be a 400 ML difference, depending on the position of the bead. That is a lot of gas.

Note:  This Flow Meter makes an approximation/ estimation of the gas flow in exchange for ease of use. This is, at best, a replacement to manual measuring gas flow using a Liter bottle submerged into water and timing it. This product offers a workable measurement to researchers and hobbyists who need a ready product which serves the purpose in a trouble free manner, rather than scientific accuracy of a high end... expensive piece of formal research experiment,.



Not HHO Flow Meters

Super Gen Series Flow Test. This guy knows Air is not HHO yet he tries to convince you his cell is putting out 8 LPM. Air does not weigh the same as HHO, thus the measurement is false. The inconsistent level of the measuring bead is a testament to the poor internal design of this particular tube cell. HHO is having to build up internal pressure in order to escape. Shameful.


LaBella's Auto Repair

This guy calls the Flow meter a professional meter, made by Dwyer, specifically for measuring HHO. The meter is clearly labeled "Air".

The cell has a serious flow problem. Backpressure is forcing gas out of the bottom water fill hose.

Pulsing of the gas is very visible; caused by the top outlet port being too far down from the top of the gasket. This creates a chamber for the gas to collect in. Also, the plates have only one hole in them. They alternate up and down, every other plate. This causes cell chambers to fill with gas, which completely pushes the water out of the next chamber. A serious design flaw. Hydroclubusa does this too.


How Not To Measure HHO

  Hydro Cell

The worst demonstration I have seen.

  • The bottle is not completely submerged.
  • The cap is put on the bottle 6 seconds before the timing starts. The bottle is collecting HHO during that time.
  • An embarrassment to honest HHO companies.

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