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Cold Fog Generator


I have been thinking about building a Fogger to inject water vapor into the engine. It would be relatively easy to do. Fog is heavy, so it will have to be sucked into the engine.

  • Need a container; PVC will work, and it is easy to work with.
  • Container needs a sealed bottom (PVC cap or Fernco fitting will work.
  • Container needs a removable lid. A Fernco fitting will work.
  • The lid needs an outlet for the vapor to exit. Not sure what size; 1/2 to 1 inch maybe.
  • Output needs to be connected to a vacuum port, or a fan needs to pull the vapor out.
  • The vapor needs to enter the engines air way after or behind the air filter, not in front of it.
  • An Inverter will be needed; small one. It will change the battery 12 volts dc to 110 volts ac. The Fogger runs off of AC.
  • Needs a water level tube so I can monitor the water level.
  • May need a water reserve tank (especially if a 5 or 10 head Fogger is used).
  • Electrical connections can be through the lid, or through the side of the tube (above the water line).
  • Of course, it needs to be on a fused circuit of its own; with an on/off switch and LED indicator.
  • The engine will turn the fog into steam; which will help drive the pistons down.
  • Plasma Sparkplugs and a hot coil may even ignite the fog; that would be a plus (igniting water is being done).


  • We hear that water is bad for the gasoline engine injectors.
  • Not sure if a Fogger can be used with a Diesel. It depends on the amount. Diesels will lockup.

Something to think about:
Water does burn, by the way, in another process called Water Vapor Plasma Combustion. You need only to mist, or even better vaporize the water with a nebulizer like the ones you see fogging up the dance floor, and ignite it with a high charge plasma spark, like an Aquapulser or Blue Phoenix ignition system, or perhaps Pulstar Pulse Plugs. So if you find a nifty way to put water vapor through a carburetor, without it condensing all over the inside of your induction system, then you will have solved a technical problem which would allow a vehicle to run on water vapor.




Engine MAF Sensor

The aeroponic fogger / hydroponic fogger operates by oscillating at a frequency of approximately 2 MHZ which is two million vibrations per second. At this frequency, water is nebulized into a cold fog / dry fog at an ultra low volume of water. Another benefit of our aeroponic fogger / hydroponic fogger is that it generates an extremely small droplet that averages only 4 microns.
Triple Head Hydroponic Fogger


  • Average droplet size <5 microns
  • Exclusive - coated ceramic transducers for reliable operation with nutrient solutions - free of corrosion and salt buildup.
  • Includes 120V AC to 24V DC wall outlet adapter for low voltage operation
  • 84W power consumption
  • CE. UL. CUL. GS. CSA. listed.
  • Misting disk size: (3) x 20mm
  • Consumption approx 11 oz. or 330 mL/hr
  • Fogger head size 3" diameter x 1.75" tall

    Single Head Hydroponic Fogger
    • Replaceable Transducer (Disc Life: Over 5000 hours of continuous use, that's almost a YEAR CONTINUOUS USE!
    • Consumption: Approximately 3.6oz/hour or 110ml/hour
    • 120V USA AC ADAPTER (you will need an inverter to power this in your vehicle)
    • ONLY 28 Watts and SAFE 24V Power Supply included
    • Comes with a Rubber Fitting for mounting the electrical cord through the reservoir neatly and WATER TIGHT!
    • Sells for $25 (including shipping)



    Five Head Hydroponic Fogger
    • Misting disk size :5 x20mm

    • Consumption :Approximately 1.5 liters /hour

    • 105watts

    • Input 120v AC or 230v AC or 220v AC ,  output 30v AC

    • Fogger head size : 10.00cm diameter x3.0cm high




    Ten Head Hydroponic Fogger
    • Misting disk size : 10x20mm
    • Consumption: 3 liters / hour
    • 288 - 300 watts
    • Power supply: Input 120vac, Output 36vac
    • Fogger head size : 25cm x 8cm x 3cm
      These parts are all available on http://www.eBay.com



      Instructions for operating the transducer





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