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Additives & Fuel Mileage Calculator

Several years ago, I created a calculator to track my Miles Per Gallon (MPG). I have since added Acetone and Xylene Additives to it. The program runs from a Microsoft Office Excel Spreadsheet. Not everyone will be able to use this but those that can will find it useful. The calculations, I must say, really put my math to the test. It also works with Open Office; a free download at http://www.openoffice.org/
The way the calculator works: 
Change the "Red" text fields to your values and then click "Calculate". Leave the other fields alone; unless you know what you are doing, you could screw up the formulas.
  • .Enter your Miles Driven, Gallons Used, Price you paid per gallon, Old MPG and click Calculate. The program will then do its thing.
  • The little red triangles contain notes. Mouse over them to see the note. (Excel version only)
  • You can use the Trip Miles - to determine how much it will cost to drive, lets say, 1000 miles.

There is a section for Additives; Acetone & Xylene. It will tell you how much of these additives to add based on the fuel you just purchased.

  • Enter the number ounces you use per 10 gallons of fuel.
  • Enter the price you paid for the additive.
  • Enter the number of ounces in the can of additives.
  • It will calculate the number of treatments, cost of each treatment, cost per ounce of treatment, and a lot of other things.

Click on one of the following to run the calculator:

Excel   |   OpenOffice  |   Google 


"You may have to Save the file to your PC then open it in Microsoft Works Spreadsheets or Excel"


Here is a screenshot of the Calculator:



OnLine MPG Calculator:  http://www.milesgallon.com/?miles=250&gallons=7&price=2.59

US MPG to UK MPG  and Kilometer per Liter  http://www.teaching-english-in-japan.net/conversion/miles_per_gallon/


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