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HHO Companies

Un-substantiated Claims    |    Numerous Complaints    |    Not Enough Information    |    Klondike Darol Mason    

HHO technology is advancing, around the world. As a result, HHO Companies are getting smarter as competition increases. Customers are getting smarter too, and sharing information. In case you do not know, this web site is dedicated to providing Free Information --- to help move this technology forward --- and it is working. Hundreds of first time buyers land on this web site each day. Most of them want to learn more - so they can understand and make better choices when they choose an HHO Companies product. A lot of them want me to suggest a company and or product. Perhaps that is because I understand Faraday's Laws of Electrolysis, and what it takes to produce 1 Liter Per Minute of HHO.

I was asked to look at each of the following HHO companies and calculate if their claims of HHO Liters Per Minute could be substantiated, based on the descriptions and configurations listed on their web sites. That is not to say that a companies product is good or bad. It is simply to determine if the stated LPM output is even close to being possible with their suggested operating amperage and plate configuration. Why? Because, Potential Customers are being advised to buy on the basis of LPM output based on Amperage. That can be very misleading when the actual LPM output is  not substantiated or even probable. It makes one company product look better than another company's --- on paper; buy from me, my product is better. This has to be stopped, and the Florida Attorney General's Office is doing something about it. Surely other states will follow.

It would help the Buyer, if a company listed how long their Cell would operate (at a suggested amperage) without overheating (We could  call it --- Run Time). The Run Time for a 5 plate cell is shorter than a 6 plate cell. Likewise, the Run Time for a 1 stack cell is longer than a 2 stack cell (unless each stack has its own Bubbler/Tank). Two stacks, sharing the same water, heat the same water twice as fast (could be a good thing - could be bad). Sound confusing?

Companies are stating that their cells produce exact amounts of LPM. That is not needed; Approximately or About is all we need. And don't report it was measured with a device that the customer can not realistically purchase and measure with - themselves. Filling a bottle with water and displacing it with the gas is about the most realistic measurement I have seen; although crude. At least, it allows us to Time it along with them (and visibly see mistakes they make doing it). The method is not exact, but it is close enough for us to make a decision; I have proven this time and again with my Cell Configurator.  There are too many companies using oxygen meters, hydrogen meters, air meters; and no telling what else; none of those measure HHO even close to acceptable measurements. Dwyer company will custom make a hydroxy meter for you, but you must tell them the Exact % of hydrogen and oxygen mix. Then, they don't guarantee it to be accurate. You could tell them any % you want, and they will make it and label it "Hydroxy". So, Who do we trust? Who can we trust? I leave it to basic Faraday Laws of Electrolysis of Water. That is why I built the Cell Configurator to calculate possible LPM outputs. It may not be exact, but it is close. Close enough for me, and close enough for anyone to use to evaluate a product's LPM claims. I am purposely excluding special electronics that may or may not increase HHO production; that may or may not increase efficiency. I also purposely exclude MMW efficiency ratings because practically no one calculates it correctly - yet they all rely on it to make sales pitches. MMW accuracy is only as good as the measurement of HHO; not an exaggerated claim. A few companies are using the AliCat HHO Meter. They say the company knows how to measure gas. Well I have checked the late great Michael Faraday's calculations against the AliCat, and I can tell you, the AliCat fudges the gas amount, unless you filter out the water vapor. But if your measurements are within 10% of Faradays calculations, for your cells LPM, I will pass you as being reasonably accurate.

So, if your Company is listed below, you should be proud to be on the Substantiated Claims List, and concerned if you are listed on the Unsubstantiated Lists.



Make that information available for your potential customers to see and examine

And provide a Location Address, so customers know where you are.
Are you hiding?


Companies with Substantiated Claims of Liter Per Minute Output
Verified with my Cell Configurator
It is Rare for a company to provide all of the Details needed. Those that do, can be trusted.

"I Applaud" the companies on this list

Global Ecological Solutions          Eurlingame, California

HHO Cells, from 1 LPM to 5 LPM

Hydrogen Separator Cells, 1 LPM, 2 LPM, 3 LPM of Hydrogen (Can also be used for HHO)

This company makes perhaps the Best Cells I have seen (I have 3 of them). They set the Mark for other companies to strive for.
They use my Cell Configurator to verify LPM and calculate Current Density.
Their products produce exactly what they say they do. And they don't mind saying so.

If my LPM calculations work on all of this companies products -- then tell me why it should not work for all others.



HOD4GAS   The HydroGen System    Atlanta, Georgia

This company specializes in systems for Truckers. They do not list product details on their website, but they have shared them with me, via a trusted sourse. I assure you they are what the late great Michael Faraday calculates them to be.

This company also offers Customer Support.

http://www.dry-cells.com   Dry-Cells        Seaside, Oregon
http://www.fuelsaver-mpg.com/   Fuel-Saver - MPG      Seaside, Oregon
http://www.reliantfuelsystems.com/  Reliant Fuel Systems   Berlingame, Cal.
http://www.generatorshho.com/  Generators HHO    Panama, Panama
http://www.kempcospec.com/   Kempco Specialists     Lakeside, California

This is a good company. They specialize in EFIE's. Have been in business a long time, helping customers choose the correct EFIE for their vehicle. They say they build their own products in-house. They do not market LPM. The plate configurations they use are 7 plates in Series (most efficient for 12 v systems).

Also see Top Energy, LLC   below, and Advancedhho, which is an affiliate

http://www.dc-hybrids.net   DC Hybrids    Moreno Valley, California

This is a good company with a good product. They actually understate the LPM capability of their cells. I have used my Cell Configurator to back them up. They make several versions of HHO Generators; 12v, 24v, and 150 volt.

The English version no longer exists.    http"//www.dc-hybrids.com


http://www.greenfuelh2o.com/  Green Fuel H2O    Orem, Utah

eBay delvis11 Greenfuelh20   Green Fuel H2O on Ebay

Partners with Hybrid Hydro Tech, LLC.
Their Cell Plate Configurations use Unipolar Neutrals.

LPM listings are measured with an Alicat Scientific HHO Flow Meter and with the bottle fill method, and are accurate when calculated with my Faraday Cell Configurator. The Alicat looses its accuracy as moisture increases in the HHO gas.

This is a reliable company, with customer support.

Partners with:


Hybrid Hydro Tech, LLC.      Panama City Beach, Florida

Hydro Tube Separation Cells and Unipolar Cells

Makes a series of configurations for 12v, 24v, 120v, and 240v. Many different sizes from 1 LPM H to 51 LPM H

Customer Support is provided by Greenfuelh20.




 HHO Kits Direct          Pittsburg, California


Seems to be an honest company. Product looks good. The details they use to provide showed they had an efficient product. I have documentation from them stating the specifications of each model. They use 7 plates in series, + n n n n n - , each plate is about 6 inches in diameter. Models have 1 to 4 stacks. Current Density is about 15.3 amps, but 16 amps would not be a problem. Each stack should produce about 1 LPM @ 16 amps, and operate for hours on end.

Now they have a new design; they stuck with the same product specifications. They are using expensive Injection molding to produce the cell, the bubbler, and a filter. Once the molds are made, parts can be made quickly. The expense is in making the molds. They are using their own bolt design that requires a special tool to assemble and disassemble. Their web site offers Customer Support, but the new product does not have much customer feedback yet. They are in this business to stay, so Customer Support had better be good; I had a few complaints about support of their old cell design but none on the new.




    HHO Connection    Out of Business

Mike is very knowledgeable and provides very good support for the products he sells.
He sells other companies products. If they are not good, he won't sell them.
I have found that the LPM he states is within 10% of Faraday's calculations.

Mike has some good information videos on youtube.com that help Understand this technology.

Blog:  http://www.hhoconnection.blogspot.com/

Videos:  https://www.youtube.com/user/hhoconnection

   HHO Scar 
eBay hhoscar                        Where are you located; are you hiding?

7 Plates in Series  + n n n n n -
8x10 inches.
Current Density is 43 amps (maximum)

 Seems to be a reliable seller on Ebay.com
  LPM is a little off, but within 10% of Faraday calculations

Seller does not offer returns.


Companies with Un-substantiated Claims

The following companies offer no proof that can come close to substantiating the amount of HHO being produced, or the LPM they say their Cells can produce --- with the given amount of amperage it is fused for. If their LPM were even close to what Faraday said is possible, with their cell configurations and or electronics, they would not be on this list. In some cases, they offer no projected LPM capabilities, or they project the LPM and do not state the amperage used. I would use caution. Some of these products are good, some are not so good; some are even bad. I urge you to check them out before committing to a sale. Know what you are buying; research their record of Customer Support. If you need assistance, contact me mailto:david@hho4free.com

                                                       It is time to start exposing Companies for what they are.


  SS Power    London United Kingdom

Their 9000 series cell is not using a good plate configuration.They only use 3 neutral plates between positive and negative.Their cells will get hot too soon. Basically the plates are 4.728 x 4.728 inches square.Current Density would be a maximum of 12 amps per stack  + n n n -
That would produce about 500 ML per minute of HHO, using 12 volts.

Their 13000 Cell uses the best Cell configuration; 5 neutrals. The plates are the same size as above; 4.728 in. sq. + NNNNN - NNNNN + Should produce about 1.5 LPM @ 24 amps. They say 2 LPM + NNN - NNN +   would produce 1 LPM using 24 amps. They claim 1.5 LPM.
Their construction seems to be good. They use 316L ss, and EPDM rubber gaskets.

If you ignore their LPM claims, you will probably get a good cell from them.

  Arizona HydroGen         Phoenix, Arizona

Red Box Model 6
7 Plates in Series (6 cells)
6x5x2.5 inch cell container; plates are even smaller.
6.00+ MMW (based on what amperage and LPM?)

They claim up to 3.5 LPM. Those small plates would need more than 55 amps to accomplish that; especially since it is a Wet Cell design. I calculate the Current Density to support less than 16 amps under continuous operation. They do not disclose the size of the plates nor the amperage. It is my opinion, for what it is worth, that operating this plastic container continuous at 55 amps would cause enough heat to create water leaks. But what do I know? They also claim average fuel savings up to 35%+. That statement says that the Average Changes. How do you figure? An average is an average.


This is a good company; in business for a long time.
I do not know why they would jeopardize such a good reputation with claims they make on this product.


    Drive-H2O   and  "IR New Technology Innovations"    Latvia   Greece


Private website Registration http://www.whois.com/whois/drive-h2o.com
Owner:  Raivis Cilipans



  Scam Advisor website:  http://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/drive-h2o.com  

They claim Nano technology, yet offer absolutely no information or proof. A customer of theirs claims they say it is a coating on the electrode plates. I could not find that information on their website. They sell HHO cells and Hydrogen Separation Cells. The cells are very small; 10x10 cm, or 4x4 in.. The picture, above, is their Hydrogen Separation Cell, as per their website. Click on the picture for details. There is only one gas-out port; separation requires 2 gas-out ports, one for hydrogen, and one for oxygen. This cell, if a Separation, looks to contain only 2 electrode plates and the separation membrane and gaskets. It is quite obvious some additional washers are needed between the up left end plate and the nut. It is needed to supply support to the end plate when the cell heats. Without support, the plastic will bend, and that may cause a water leak.

I am in the process of Reviewing their website.
Hope to have more information soon.

 I have Documented customer complaints.

    Secure Supplies         Southern Thailand

    Blog, by Daniel Donatelli,  http://securesupplies.blogspot.com/


Claims 1.5 LPM using 12 vdc @ 4 amps, and 3LPM using 24vdc @ 4 amps; using all Titanium plates
They claim it uses 48 ML of water in 24 hours. Well 100 ML PM of HHO uses 3.23 ML of water per hour. Not much HHO production.
Because 1.5 LPM would use 48 ML of water in 1 hour --- not 24 hours as they claim.

I would also like to point out that he uses a hotmail address. It is not very professional.
And he uses free blogs, and free websites (wix.com and youtube.com). Nothing invested.




http://www.aquatune.com/aquatuneplus.php  Aqua Tune Hydrogen   Tualatin, Oregon

This is a water injection system that is advertised as also producing HHO. They claim 2.5 LPM at 8 atmospheres and 1.5 amps. They also claim it can produce 47 LPM. They offer absolutely no proof that it produces any HHO; no videos, no pictures of it in action. Their customer feedback repeatedly uses the words Tremendous, Astounding, Phenomenal, Awesome. If this unit could produce 47 LPM and also inject water into the combustion chamber, 4 cylinder engines would not need any gasoline if they used this product. My opinion.


http://www.punchhho.com/     The Punch 5.0    Cape Coral, Florida
http://aussiehybrids.com/       Aussie Hybrids   Orara, New South Wales, Australia

The late great Michael Faraday tells us that we need a minimum of 1 square inch of plate surface area, for each 0.54 amps. This cell certainly complies. He also tells us each set of plates can produce 10.44 MLPM of HHO, per amp. With that being said, this cell needs 16 amps to produce 1 LPM, not 10 amps as Punch blatantly proclaims. His 7x7 inch plates can handle 27 amps efficiently. 7 plates in series is in my opinion the most efficient configuration for a 12 volt system. This cell is all of that. Yet it is only capable of producing about 625 MLPM @ 10 amps; far less than what Punch proclaims. This cell is capable of produce 16.66 ML per second @ 16 amps, and 10.42 ML per second @ 10 amps. Just because there are no holes in the plates, does not mean there is no current leakage (which he proclaims). Water still has to find its way to the plates, and the gases have to find their way out of the cell.  Those are reasons why this product is on this list of companies. I think this is a good product; just marketed above its capability. Punch is promoting this cell with a LPM Marketing Schema. Do not fall for it.

If you have one of these cells, and it leaks around the plastic, please let me know. I have only found 1 complaint, and it was on an earlier model. I like this cell. It fits in locations where a lot of others do not.


 Hydro Club USA         Greeneville, Tn.


One of the most copied cells on the market. Contains nine 4x4 inch plates, configured + n n n - n n n +
3 volt plate voltage when operating on 12 volts.

The main problem I have with this cell, is the use of only 1 hole in the plates. That single hole has to let water in, let water and HHO out; it restricts circulation.  The holes are alternated top and bottom (one plate has the hole at the top, the next plate has the hole at the bottom. That causes this cell to Pulse the gas between chambers. As one chamber fills with gas, it pushes water out. The pulsing causes the water level to vary as the HHO fills the chamber and seeks a way out. In a sense, it collects HHO in every other chamber before releasing it. The timing of this causes the out pulsing of the gas. It also causes an unequal distribution of the path amperage takes, and that introduces unnecessary heat which is definitely a problem with this cell. It is a brilliant way of making a water heater out of a dry cell. In the picture above, the HHO output port is far too low below the gasket. The chamber on the other side, has to fill with HHO - to that point - before it can escape through the hole. That happens from cell compartment to cell compartment; the worst dry cell design I have encountered.

Using the Laws of Electrolysis of Water, given to us by the Late Great Michael Faraday, this cell is, at best, capable of producing about 752 ML PM @ 18 amps. If operated at 30 amps, as the company suggests, it may produce about 1.253 LPM; not the 2.2 LPM as they advertise. Those are Faraday's calculations.

That is my view of this product. Personally, I would not buy it as is.
Add another hole in each plate and I may consider it.


 HHO2U Cell      Modesto, California


http://www.hho2europa.eu/Our_Products.aspx   HHO2Europa

Perhaps the most copied small Cell; and perhaps the original designer. These cells are sold all over the world. The plates are about 4 inches x 4 inches, and the Inside Diameter of the O-ring is about 3 inches. It is that 3 inches of surface area inside the O-ring that makes the gas.

Using the Laws of Electrolysis of Water, given to us by the Late Great Michael Faraday, their 9 plate cell is capable of efficiently producing about 1 LPM @ 24 amps. If you operate it at 20 amps, as the company suggests, it will produce about 835 MLPM; not the 1.5 LPM they advertise. Those are Faraday's calculations. Now, this company has greatly cleaned up its marketing of LPM. They no longer state it. But they still have their old videos demonstrating the Cells' operating, and on them, they state the LPM and amperage. The videos are all good, and a learning experience for beginners. I encourage you to watch them.

The company also makes very efficient 11 plate cells using 5 neutrals (+ n n n n n - n n n n n + ), and 23 plate cells (4 stacks of 6 plates in series. I suggest those cells over the cells that use only 3 neutrals. 5 neutrals will operate cooler, longer, and produce more gas per stack, per amp. It is important not to let these cells get hot. The Acrylic plastic will soften, which will cause the gaskets to leak.  

Video Proof measurements are based on a flow meter. Measurements are more than 50% too much for the number of plates and amperage used. Active plate surface area is too small to operate at their suggested amperage, for long periods.
Blog:  http://hho4u.wordpress.com/category/hho-dry-cell/

This is a good company, with a good reputation. Their product is very basic, but it is efficient if used within its design limits.



http://www.hydrobullet.com/      Hydro Bullet   Hydrobullet    "Athens Greece"

Separation Cells are much harder to build. This company seems to do a good job. To avoid water leakage, they glue all of their gaskets. I am concerned with their Hydrogen LPM statements. Using the calculations of the late great Michael Faraday, their 11 plate cell, as an example, is capable of producing about 627 MLPM of hydrogen @ 15 amps. Hydro Bullet states 1.10 LPM of Hydrogen; lets not forget the .10 (very precise). Faraday calculates the HHO at 940 MLPM at 15 amps ( Hydrogen & Oxygen together). I remind you, this cell Separates the two gases that are measured separately. All of their Cells look to be assembled well; HHO and Separation cells. I do not like their method of connecting the electrode wires. It is common  for developing electrical connection problems. The connectors get exposed to environmental moisture; that --- eventually causes corrosion problems that lead to poor electron flow. I think this is a good company, with a good product.

This company is located in Greece. I now have 2 documented complaints
concerning their Customer Service and 2 year Warranty support
Both have about the same story.

"I have not heard back from Hydro bullet.
I'll try again. But this is how they have been since the order came in from original  purchase. "

I asked Hydro Bullet to work with their customer, whom complained they would not communicate.
It took many Emails, and Replies, but now they are communicating.


Hydro Fuel Sys  (HFS)       Vancouver, Washington
Separation Cell


Overstates the amount of Hydrogen their Separation Cell can make, using 30 amps. It is a 2 stack, 6 plate Series separation cell. They say it makes 1.9 LPM hydrogen. It could not make that much Hydrogen & Oxigen with 30 amps, much less Hydrogen alone.

Their Cells look good. I like where they put the electrical connections, but I dislike the push on connectors. It is a great concept, but has proven to fail over time. The company is on this list because they are caught up in the LPM Marketing Schema. They advertise their Hydrogen quantity, Higher than Faraday says is possible for both hydrogen and oxygen amounts. Perhaps it is a language translation problem for them. Well I take them as meaning what they say.

    Seems to be Out of Business           

  If they change their Hydrogen amount to within 10% of Faraday calculations, I will remove them from this list.


http://www.ogohho.com/   OGO HHO

OGO Cells          Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Ocean-Go Technology Company Limited

This company makes several Cell designs, and sizes. But they are way out of line with their LPM capabilities. I quote the late great Michael Faraday's Laws of Electrolysis on this page. I think this company by far, overstates LPM. As an example, this cell has 3x7 inch plates; 21 plates total; configured (+ n n n n  -  n n n n  +  n n n n  -  n n n n + ). They state it produces from 2LPM to 8LPM, using 12 to 30 volts, and 3 amps to 50 amps.

Faraday calculations put this cell at producing about 1.9 LPM @ 36 amps, using 12v. Current Density is about 11.34 amps per stack, and there are 4 stacks. That would max out the LPM at 2.4 and 45 amps.

                       I have received numerous complaints about this product. I am told, there is no Support.  Why?



All of the Companies below, either are or have been Distributing this  product. Several are out of business.

Information about these cells. They are glued together then painted to cover up the seams. They come apart when they get hot. The company states "they never get hot". Customers say different. They overstate LPM and amperage amounts. They are under engineered as far as Current Density is concerned.

I have received more complaints about this product than any on the web; including Customer Support Complaints. I would not recommend this product or any that look like it. It is basically a Wet Cell, that has been converted to a Dry Cell, by sealing the edges of the plates with a silicon product. I know first hand from a reliable HHO customer. Owners of this product deny they are glued.

Their LPM demonstration test video works on the principle of "Lifting Gas", not Water Displacement. Their timer starts way late --- after they have screwed the cap onto the bottle; gas collects during that time.

They have changed their cell design. At least, they have changed the pictures.
Now this is a more reliable design. However, it is not the size of a motorcycle battery (as their website states). Their videos are of their old product, not this new design. Nor have they changed their cell dimensions. Nor have they changed the pictures of their electrode plates. How can anyone trust what this company says? All I see is deception.

They are using 6 Plates in Series. That creates 2.4 volts per plate. That is not good enough for "Continuous" Operation; 7 plates are needed for that.

If you choose to do business with these companies, research their Customer Support "Good --- Real Good". Personally, I would "skedaddle" from their website.


  Click the picture to Enlarge it.
This is their old cell design; glue and all.



Alternative Gas Solutions    Prescott, Arizona



Mileage Shop  http://www.mileageshop.com/     Prescott, Arizona


H2 Da Kine    Hawaii    Out of Business?
http://freenergyfuel.com/    Free Energy Fuel    Reno Nevada  Where are you located; are you hiding?



Make Fuel Safe   http://www.makefuelsafe.com/index.html   Pahrump, Nevada
http://www.energysolutionpakistan.com/HHOKit.html    Energy Solution Packistan   Out of Business?
http://www.wam-a-bam.com/MileageShop    Wam-a-Bam   Mileage Shop   Out of Business?

http://www.hhohydrogenkits.com   HHO Hydrogen Kits   Out of Business?

http://www.coastautohybrids.com     Coast Auto Hybrids             No Longer In Business
http://www.watercarwisconsin.com    Water Car Wisconsin             No Longer In Business
http://bettermileagetoday.com/          Better Mileage Today               No Longer In Business
http://www.turnwaterintofuel.com/      Turn Water Into Fuel   Out of Business?

http://www.hydroconvert.net/     Hydro Convert            No Longer In Business

http://www.hhoinfusion.com/products    HHO Infusion    Kirkland, Washington

Core Fuel Group      (They do not disclose their location)

Global Energy Devices   Prescott Valley, Arizona
(once affiliated with Mileage Shop products; may be the Mother company).


If you visit these web sites, and compare them with Mileage Shop, you will quickly recognize their ads.
They still overstate LPM. They still promise the cell will never overheat. They still say amperage never changes.
It is a 6 plate cell, less than 6x6 inch plates. Space between the gaskets is even smaller. They say they have fixed their problem with leaks, and fixed the problems with Customer Support. They also state that it produces Hydrogen. They make no mention of HHO or of Oxygen. For the cell to just produce Hydrogen, the locations of the Top barb fittings would not be located in the same spot, on both sides. I find fault with the consistency of their claims.

It is possible that Global Energy Devices is the mother company of the Mileage Shop and Affiliates.
They flood the market with adds in order to make sales.
Very similar to The Punch Cell.


HHO-Europe    "Green Source"

This seems to be a well constructed Cell. It uses 7 plates in series, 7x7 inches. Its maximum Current Density is 26.5 amps, and should produce 1.657 LPM at that amperage. They state it produces 2.2 LPM. That exceeds 10% of Faraday's calculations, for their configuration. 30 amps would put them at 1.879 LPM, but it exceeds the Current Density limit of the cell which is less than 26.5 amps (once you consider the inside diameter of the gaskets). It would operate at that amperage, but would heat sooner.       

 I have no information on their Customer Support. But their web site states the following:

"If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please e-mail us indicating your problem. Most often, it will be a simple issue, easy to fix. If we cannot solve your problem remotely, we will authorize a Return Authorization."

I have one customer of theirs that disagrees with that statement.


Green Source    affiliate
https://www.greensource.ca/shop/    Canada

Green EnergeTix    affiliate      Canada     Out of Business?

 HHO USA    affiliate      United States      Out of Business?

https://www.hho-1.com/   Quebec, Canada

http://hho-spain.com/    Spain

www.hho-auto.es  Portugal

www.hho-auto.fr   France

www.hho-brazil.com   Brazil 

www.hho-auto.ru   Russia 

 I think this is a good company, with a good product. I hate to see them get caught up in the Marketing Schema for LPM.



  HHO Plus and Affiliates         Portugal

All of the Companies below, are or have been Distributing this product. I seriously doubt all of the affiliates are listed below.

  More Detailed Information about these cells
HHO-Plus manufactures and distributes its product to many Affiliates/Distributors around the world. Thus, concerns and complaints that I receive from their customers, are from around the world. It troubles me that a company would advertise and sell a product, such as this, and then not support it sufficient enough to keep customers reasonably satisfied. Customer Support is critical when the product is Experimental.
I do not care much for any of the DC0000 product design capabilities. Click and Read the "More Detailed Information" - above. Many affiliates of this company have gone out of business or changed products.


http://www.hho-plus.com/    HHO-Plus     Portugal
http://www.hhoplus-bulgaria.com/   HHO-Plus Bulgaria    Out of Business?
http://www.plushhogas.com/    Plus HHO Gas    Out of Business?

http://hhoplusgas.en.ec21.com/company_info.jsp    Portugal
http://oktanplus.com/    Oktan Plus
http://www.hhogas.at/    HHO Gas    London, England      Austria
http://www.hhogas.hu/hhogas     Hungary

http://hho-profis.com/    HHO Profis        Germany and Europe

http://www.hhoenergy.lv/produkti/hho.html    HHO Energy   Out of Business?
http://eazyclean-automotive.eu/    Easy Clean-Automotive            No Longer In Business
www.hho-italia.com/    HHO Italia   Out of Business?
www.hidrogen-auto.ro    Hidrogen Auto      Romania
http://hho-future.com/    HHO Future     Germany and UK
http://www.hho24.com/    HHO 24    Germany

http://www.hhosolution.com/UK/sales.php    HHO Solution UK            No Longer In Business
http://hho.beatgate.org/en/4-kit-dc3000-for-cars.html    HHO Beatgate   Out of Business?
http://hhoplusgas.en.ec21.com/    HHO Plus Gas    Portugal
http://www.hhoenergy.lv/    HHO Energy    Out of Business?
http://knall-gas.com/    Knall Gas     Portugal
http://www.hho-shop24.de/    HHO Shop 24    Out of Business?
http://hhoplus.ecrater.com/    HHO Plus Ecrater

                 HHO AVTO     Out of Business?

http://kuroalternatyvos.lt/    Kuro Alternatyvos            No Longer In Business
http://hydrogreece.com/    Hydro Greece    Out of Business?
http://www.hidrogen-auto.ro/    Hidrogen Auto    Romania
http://www.draugiem.lv/hho/gallery/?aid=40464558    Draugiem    Latvia
http://hydrogengenerator.ie/index.php?route=common/home     Hydrogen Generator          No Longer In Business
http://hydrogen-works.com/index.php?route=common/home      Hydrogen-Works          No Longer In Business

http://hho-plus.co    HHO-Plus    Out of Business?
http://www.hhoautojc.com/    HHO Auto JC     Portugal
http://www.emissiono.co.uk/hho-products/    Emission   Out of Business?
http://h2-generator.com/    H2 Generator    Austria
http://com.hho-plus.qirina.com/    Com HHO-Plus Qinna
http://hho-energie.de/      HHO Energie          No Longer In Business
http://www.chocobrain.com/kit-DC3000-komplett-System-Kit/R0zMeEgdDefZauhdjcKh5    ChocoBrain    Germany


  http://www.staforhho.com/en/    Stafor HHO            Latvia


Uses 7 plates in series (5 neutrals). They measure the gas with an Air meter. They say their 4 inch cell produces 1.5 LPM at 10 Amps. LOL; I calculate 567 MLPM at 9 amps.

     FuelSaver   Listed on alibaba.com 
http://fuelsaver.com/    Out of Business?

http://2hhofuelsaver.com    2HHO Fuel Saver    Out of Business?


Very little information available on this company. Web sites look like they are Product Serchers.

      Aqua Fuel Technologies             European Union    Out of Business?


3.5x3.5 inch, 21 plates (4 stacks of 6 plates)  
Will actually max out at 1.462 LPM @ 28 amps.
They claim 2 LPM @ 15 amps. Faraday calculations prove different.
Look to be copies of HHO2U design.

Only 1 picture of the product. Very limited details. No customer feedback or reviews.

    Auto Hydrogen       Australia


 This product is attractive; no doubt. But the company exaggerates the the LPM 200% of Faraday. There is nothing special about their plates. Nothing special about their construction tolerances. The center (positive) plate will last half as long as the negative plates. It is assembled to get bombarded by electrons from both sides. A negative in the center would be better.

No available information about Customer Support. No Customer Feedback or Reviews.  Why?


2 stacks of 6 plates
They claim 2 LPM @ 20 amps

Faraday calculates tis cell to produce 1.044 LPM @ 20 amps

          Hydrogen Garage    &    Hydrogen Trucker 
          Morro Bay, California



These companies sell good products and provide very good product support. They rely on Bob Boyce. The late great Michael Faraday gave us the laws of electrolysis of water and they have yet to be broken officially. There was a time when this sites LPM statements were the same as Faraday calculations. I checked them using my Cell Configurator. Then they increased. Then the products some how started producing more Orthohydrogen, up to 99% more. Then it was a purer HHO gas. Now Deutruim levels of HHO gas called Hydroxy Gas®.

  • Approx. rate 12 amps x 13.8 volts = 1 LPM of of Egas
    I find no documented proof to support this statement.
  • We break Faraday's law of electrolysis efficiency by about 150% to 200%.
    How do you measure your gas? You show no proof whatsoever.
  • A 7 plate cell is the best design for 12v to 14v.s it has the fastest electron flow of any design.
    I agree, 7 plates is very efficient. Fastest electron flow of any design? How much faster have you clocked those electrons?
  • PWM makes orthohydrogen, that is 2.4x's to 4x's more powerful than parahydrogen (NASA science )
    Gee, so does straight DC. Both produce the same amount of Orth (75%); prove different.

These are 2 good companies. They sell other companies products. They are reliable and have good Customer Feedback and Reviews. No one shows proof of this Orthohydrogen increase in these products. No special electronics are being used. Just another Marketing Pitch supported by the Man ---- Bob Boyce.


   Central Valley HHO    Modesto, California

This is a good company. They make a good reliable product. They have good Customer Support and good Customer Feedback. They use very efficient configurations of 7 plates and 13 plates in their products.

Overstates their LPM. (1 LPM for each 12.5 amps) using 12 volt systems, 7 Plates in Series, single and multiple stacks; no special electronics other than a PWM.

I find no proof to support their measurements or claims, other than them saying they have measured it before; many times and many ways. They have fallen for the Marketing Scheme of Orthohydrogen, Monotomic Hydrogen, Deuterium Levels of Hydrogen gas, and extravagant LPM per 12.5 amps.


http://www.hydroxyinmotion.co.za/products.html  Hydroxy In Motion     South Africa

http://hydrogengarage.com/home.html  Hydrogen Garage  & Hydrogen Trucker          California


       Klondike Darol Mason     D&N Automotive Engineering
Mighty Mite Store      Somewhere in the USA

Mighty Mite (all models), Mini Mite, Pure Power,
An honest company; just don't believe everything you read (does that still make him honest). His LPM is measured with the bottle fill method, but uses a George Wiseman designed counter weight which, in my opinion, fudges the amount of gas that is created. That is where the increase in claimed efficiency comes from. You won't find any videos showing the HHO output.




 2 inch Diameter Plumbing Pipe

141 degrees F in 20 minutes.




 "Y" Tee Mite Grid Plate Cell

He claims 1.5 LPM @ 10 amps, but then of course that is using George Wiseman's counter weight bottle fill method.
I have seen the Grid Plates, and I must say, I chuckled. I promised not to show pictures of them. They are flat discs on one side, and the other side has an extended Grid (as he calls it) welded to it. The grid extends out from the plate surface. This guy thinks that more surface area makes more gas, with the same amount of amperage; Honest. Well I am curious how he gets 24 cells in such a small space when the Grids stick out so far. But if it is true, it has 1 volt plate voltage, and at 10 amps Faraday calculates that to 1.253 LPM. Faraday said the minimum plate voltage is 1.23 v (he used battery acid). KOH is 1.67v, NaOH is 1.69 volts. Mind you, minimum means it is the least amount of voltage that can be used. He uses what he calls the world famous E-22 Electrolyte (only available from him of course, at $15 a whack - makes 1 Liter of water mix - oops I better say Concentrated water mix). Oh, and he has had all kinds of testing performed with scientific instruments and meters, and even iHHOi (the company that provides certification "If you pay them $500).

Check out these statements:
Makes 2.84 Parts Hydrogen to 1 Part Oxygen (must be using Super Water -- I couldn't find where he offered that on Ebay)
Makes 88.21% Orthohydrogen
Makes 11.79% Parahydrogen

Put all of that information together and what do you have? One man that is getting Old (his words). Rush right out there and buy one of these now, because as he says it, "At my age,  this may be my last New introduction".

Plastic Plumbers Tubing
Easy to Cut
Easy to Drill
Easy to Glue
Easy to Heat


       Make Hydrogen Generators      Hydro Star
https://www.makehydrogenerators.com/     Out of Business?

The Galaxy 1 (Old Mighti Mite)  is a 10 cell generator that is hand crafted to have no current leakage and will last over 3 years of ordinary use. At 10 amps, they say it will produce 1 liter of HHO and at 15 amps will produce 2 liters of HHO. That 7.5 ML per watt.

I used Faraday calculations and determined that it is capable of producing 522 ML PM @ 10 amps and 120 watts; that is 4.3 watts per ML. 15 amps produces 783 ML PM. Cells are electro-welded so they will not leak and you can not peek. They recommend putting a fan on it.

  E-22 Electrolyte $10 for 200 grams (7 oz)

  Hydrogen Pros

They claim this unit makes 2 LPM @ 15 amps
Using Faraday calculations, at most, 1 LPM @ almost 14 amps

It uses PVC Plumbing Pipe rated at 140 F. They tell you to install it in a cool place. LOL
16 Plate, 316L Stainless Steel Plates (2 stacks of 8)

http://www.hyfusion.com/parts.htm    HyFusion     New Castle, Maine


www.ceduk.co.uk   CED UK      Out of Business
http://www.fuelsavingtechnology.co.uk/      FST UK    Fuel Saving Technology   

http://www.hydrogenuk.co.uk/#/hho-separator/4573365392   Hydrogen UK  Out of Business?

http://www.costaenergydevices.com/   Costa Energy Devices  Out of Business?

and  http://www.costaenergydevices.com/                             Out of Business?

CED US UK LTD  & Spain
Fraudulent Product representation

Product images and verbiage were copied from Global Ecological Solutions' web site; word for word; picture by picture.


http://hydrotechnix.com/ourproducts.php    HydroTechnix    UK

http://www.hho4fuel.moonfruit.com/    HHO 4 Fuel,  Cornwall area of UK

www.water-fuel-hybrid.com    Out of Business?


They say they are "The Largest Supplemental HHO Fuel Cell Installers Group In Europe --- Currently In 13 Countries. They claim 5.5 LPM out of 11 Plates (2 stacks of 6 plates sharing a center electrode). They also say it is small.

The late great Michael Faraday tells us that it would take 105 amps to produce 5.5 LPM, using their cell configuration. Active Plate size would have to be a minimum of 10x10 inches. So you see, it is possible to produce that much LPM, but they fail to state at what amperage. Their system uses a 40 amp Relay and a 30 amp Circuit Breaker. There goes that 5.5 LPM.

http://evolutionhho.com   Evolution HHO   Jersey City, New Jersey

This company produces a good quality rugged product. The cells are all metal; no plastic.
They have 11 Plate and 13 plate designs.
They have up to 150 Amp designs; yet they do not provide any LPM amounts.
They think Current Density is based on total square inches of plate surface; that is unfortunate.
11 gauge Outer Plates, 20 gauge Inner Plates.

I really like these cells. I find no Customer Reviews or Detailed Support.  Why?

http://smacksboosters.110mb.com/smactanium.htm   Smack Boosters    Out of Business?
http://dpenergy.us/ (looks like he is trying to Server this web site from his home computer -- and having problems). I started my web site that way.
Out of Business?          

Looks like Smack has disappeared. The above web is gone. His Wall Plate Cell plans are still available for download, but you would do better to build something else; unless desperate. Smack has been know to do some foolish things, such as putting an HHO Generator in the back floorboard of the passenger compartment. And of course there is his Titanium Cell remarks. Bob Boyce set him straight.

Smack, man I am not going to knock you. You make a good argument.
You are a good speaker on the subject of HHO and the environment. You have good ideas.

http://hhncells.com/   HHN Cells    Port Charlotte, Florida

The company has 5 different cells --- they seem to all use the same size and shaped plates. They are small plates. They provide no information about the size or number of plates, yet they predict very high LPM on all of them. Their smallest seems to be a 4x4 inch cell and they say it produces 2.5 to 3 LPM. Although that is possible, it would be at a cost of burning up your plates.

Based on limited information on this web site, I would research them good before making a purchase.
They state "Good Customer Support" but I could not locate any customer reviews or feedback. Why?


http://www.fuelcellllc.com/   Fuel Cell LLC    Ankeny, Iowa

This seems to be a good company. They make several Series sized cells. Their construction seems to be good. I have talked with them before about their LPM statements. They stand by them. They are high.

The cell you are looking at is a 31 plate. It is 4 inches high and 3 inches wide, length is 7 in.
They say 5 LPM and 2.5 LPM Continuous without overheating. 5 LPM would require 80 amps on this small cell. It is 5 stacks of 7 plates in series. Faraday calculations predict this cell to produce 1.315 LPM at a maximum of 21 amps continuous. Actual Current Density is even smaller when you consider the gasket. Cell is capable of producing 2 LPM @ 40 amps "Continuous". More than that is pushing it. My opinion.

No Customer Support Information available, and no customer reviews or feedback.


http://hydroxsystems.co.uk/   Hydrox Systems      Bulgaria

Drastically overstate LPM claims. One cell states, 3 to 5 LPM @ 20 amps.
Also states MMW of 10.82; What amperage and LPM?
If you can not believe their LPM, how can you believe anything they claim?

Product constructions seems to be typical of Dry Cells.
They offer various size cells that use 7 plates in series; efficient.


http://hydroxsystems.es/   Spain
http://www.hydroxsystems.co.uk/   South Wales, UK
http://www.waterfuel.co.il/    Israel
info@rmseguridadautomotriz.com.mx  Mexico
http://www.hho-systems.nl/   Netherlands
http://www.hidroxcol.com/   Columbia
http://www.hhoturk.com/   Turkey

I could not locate any Support or Customer Reviews.  Why?

     http://www.biohydrogen-power.com/product.php?id=7  Pegasus Projects

     Blagoevgrad,   Bulgaria

 They claim to use Titanium plates that are coated - some with platinium - and some with iridium.
 They claim to produce a gas 9 times more powerful than HHO.
  No proof what so ever.

They offer 1 video as their proof. Horrible music drowns out the speakers voice.

No Customer Reviews & No Customer Support found.

Affiliate http://www.dudadiesel.com/HHO.php     Duda Diesel   Decatur Alabama

http://www.hydrogen-boost.com     Hydrogen Boost        Queensbury, NY

Constructed of a stainless steel tube, sealed with Fernco rubber end caps for the top and the bottom. No telling what is inside.

  http://shop.hhototal.com/   HHO Total      N.Y City   Germany   Greece
The video on their home page really looks to be "staged". I can see two main streams of bubbles; one on each side of the tube. The smaller bubbles are in the center; they keep getting pushed down. I suspect they are injecting Air into the water. The 13 amps they claim to use, would not make that much gas. They don't show what the tube is connected to. They don't show the wiring; They don't show anything but the bubbling. I would be leery. If one thing is a lie, then there may be other lies.
The cells are made out of plumbing parts. Design is similar to Eagle Research's cell; made from plumbing parts and washers.
Two of the pictures they are using, are of another companies cells. Those cells are not offered for sale; so why are they on the website? Red Flag


http://www.bettermpgtoday.com/apps/webstore/   Better MPG Today
Out of Business?
http://www.aquacelltek.com/otherproducts.html   Aqua Cell Tek Sells other companies products that are on this list.
https://www.facebook.com/GHTPacific   GHT Pacific
GHTPacific (on facebook)
http://www.naturalmotors.com/   Natural Motors   Out of Business?
http://www.dieselhydrogen.us/      Diesel Hydrogen                No Longer In Business
http://www.hydrofuelgenerator.com    Hydro Fuel Generators               No Longer In Business
http://www.safehho.com/  sold business to  http://savewithawave.com/    Safe HHO  Seems to be Out of Business

http://hhosuperpack.com/      HHO Super Pack   Wants to sell you Generator Plans.

http://fr.tradekey.com/product_view/id/1080403.htm   Greatly overstates LPM;  10 LPM @ 24vdc and 13 amps 

Sorry, but you will need 16 amps to make 2 LPM



http://www.drive60mpg.com   Drive 60 MPG       
http://www.hydrotuning.info/    Hydro Tuning     Somewhere in the USA

Exaggerates LPM   says 1.5 LPM @ 15 amps.
Uses small 4x4 inch cells.
Plate voltage is 3 vdc.  + n n n -  configuration per stack. It will get hot a lot sooner than 4 or 5 neutrals.

Website does not list an Address; i wonder why?

Company is for sale.
Uses a @gmail.com address (not very professional)


http://www.allhho.com/   All HHO    Out of Business?

http://www.hydrodynamicshho.com/    Hydro Dynamics HHO    Indonesia


http://www.g1nbc.net/hydrogenator_hydrogen_power_cars.htm    G1 NBC    Hydrogenator Hydrogen Power Cars

http://www.hydrogen-generators-usa.com    Hydrogen Generators USA     No City, State information

Their products are made by other companies.


http://burnhydrox.com     Burn Hydrox                No Longer Available New Category -- An accident waiting to Happen
http://www.nwhydrogengenerators.com    NW Hydrogen Generators  Out of Business?

http://www.highperformancefuelcell.com/    High Performance Fuel Cell  Out of Business?


http://www.alternative-energy-resources.net    Alternative-Energy-Resources Out of Business?
http://www.g1nbc.net/hydrogenator_hydrogen_power_cars.htm    Hydrogenator Hydrogen Power Cars
http://www.hytechapps.com/index.html    Hytech Apps

http://www.hhotube.com/    HHO Tube       Cumming, Georgea

http://www.thepit.eu   The Pit       Courtland, New York

http://savewithhydrogen.com/     Save With Hydrogen           No Longer In Business

http://hydro-extra.webs.com/    Hydro-Extra Webs
http://www.powergate.us/HHOParts/     Powergate          

http://enviroinnovations.com.au/main/page_advancedhho_product_page.html    Enviro Innovatlions

Enviro Innovations, Australia
http://cars.shop.askjot.com/forsale/hho-dry-cell     Auction Site  
http://www.hho-australia.com/product/hho-generator-truck/    HHO Australia  Overstates the LPM capabilities, based on amperage.
http://heae.biz/     Heae     High End Alternative Energy  
http://quantumhydrogen.weebly.com/    Quangen Hydrogen     Quantum Hydrogen

No Address Location

Gets the "Worst Website Award"
Terrible use of spoken & written English.
Terrible punctuation and spelling.
http://www.hydrogenfuelsystems.com.au/  Hydrogen Fuel Systems    Australia Exaggerates LPM
http://www.autopartssupplyonline.biz/Hydrogen-Generator.html  Auto Parts Supply
eBay greensource Pro Hydrogen, Pure Hydrogen
eBay Hydro Club USA
eBay Itouch2000 oGo 9 Plate, 11 Plate, 21 Plate
eBay glknox1 Knox Scientific HHO HHO Generators and Plans, TripleGen
eBay gcar9604 21 Plate Generator Plans (maximum operating amps are overstated)
eBay italiabianca    affiliate of http://www.fuelcellllc.com/
LPM are way over estimated for the amperage used
eBay harrison_specialties 21 Plate Generator Plans (maximum amperage is overstated)
eBay NQ Hybrids  stainless steel gates  Overstates maximum amperage
eBay HHO Evolution No Proof whatsoever; not a hint of evidence
eBay DVD Deals 103 HHO Hybrid Stanley Meyers Plans
eBay HHO Products  agl0002 Labella's Auto Repair HHO Dry Cell Kits, 4x4,
eBay esp8103 Suggested amperage exceeds the Efficient Current Density of the plates (3 fold)
eBay vadaenergy  Vada Max
eBay hhotek512
eBay Heulici123
eBay Hydro-Tuning
eBay Green Energetix
eBay Liberator  sherman744
eBay bestbargains777 New Category --- An Accident waiting to Happen
eBay Kev-Lau   Hydrogen Booster


New Category --- An Accident waiting to Happen
eBay tacticlesurvivalist
eBay sinisaing4 Overstated Maximum Amperage for the plate configuration
eBay cdl-2003  Overstated LPM on 6x6 3 Stack Cell at 25 amps
eBay powereconomyperformance Not enough details to form an opinion
eBay glknox1 What do you get?
eBay hhocell2011
eBay davey_jr New Category --- An Accident waiting to Happen
eBay  energiah2o10 

 http://www.hho.rs/products   Hydrogen Solutions

Grossly overstates LPM

3 to 7 LPM @ 4 - 10 amps


TLG Hydrogen           Southern Kansas


They claim 1 LPM at 12 volts and 10 amps. Faraday calculates 522 MLPM @ 10 amps.
Very little website information on the cell(s).
There is mention of one of the cells being 2x2 inches.
Cells seem to use metal End Plates.
They are using multiple stacks of 6 plates in Series.
Cell spacing is 1/32 inch.

  I would not purchase cells - based strictly on LPM.
I find no Customer Support Information; none.


Companies with Numerous Customer Complaints

"Customer Service does not really exist."
"The Supplier does not really care about Results."
"The Supplier got my money and now it is My Probalem."

http://hydroclubusa.com/    Hydro Club USA  

http://www.mileageshop.com/ Mileage Shop and Affiliates


http://www.safehho.com/    Safe HHO

Affiliate http://www.dudadiesel.com/HHO.php    Duda Diesel

These companies do not list the LPM their products produce, but they "Have more complaints listed on the web than any other company I have found"



http://www.protiumfuelsystems.com    Protium Fuel Systems Out of Business?

http://www.hydrofuelgenerator.com    Hydro Fuel Generator  Out of Business?






http://hydroreactors.com/    Hydro Reactors    Out of Business?
http://www.highyieldperformance.com/print.php  High Yield Performance A customer said this company uses 2 stainless steel bolts as electrode plates. Perhaps that is why their cell only uses 4 ounces of water every 200 to 300 hours of operation.

   MAGDRIVE - Fuel From H2O 
Swezey Fuel
Tornado Fuel Saver.com
Cyclone Fuel Saver
Energy Solution Pakistan    Out of Business?




Not Enough Information for me to calculate their stated product performance.
Nor Enough for "me" to consider purchasing their Product

I suggest researching carefully before making a decision. Do not take anything for granted.
There are a lot of good companies on this list.

H2HYPOD      No Phone Number listed. No Address Listed. No City State or Country listed.

They provide absolutely NO details about their product specifications or configurations; or LPM.
They use Temperature control for the cells.
They list NO Customer Support Information.

http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/Business-Office-Industrial-/12576/m.html?item=251658395828&hash=item3a980260b4&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&_ssn=asterosltd   Asteros LTD HHO    Cyprus             Sold on eBay  

3D Printer produced  2ABS plastics; 7 plates in Series; 6x6 inch Active Surface area; no holes in the plates. Produces about 1.25 LPM @ 20 amps (they state 1.5 LPM). I calculate 20 amps is the maximum that should be used.

If you have any information on the reliability of this product, please let me know. This may be a good product.


                                        HydroElectricPower   hh2 
 Chatsworth, California

https://www.hydrolectricpower.com/  hydropower.us   HH2.us  
 "click" image to enlarge
In order for a vehicle to be a Hybrid, it must operate on two different/separate energy sources. HH2 equipped systems are not capable of operating strictly on the by-products they produce. They are creating an Air Additive, not a separate fuel that powers your vehicle. The web site has removed the videos I once had controversy with. However, they still offer no video justifying the production of hydrogen and oxygen at operating temperature and amperage. And, they provide very little physical detail about the product. Their Data looks to be true. Read the "More Details"
                                          More Details

                                          Documented Complaint


A Hydrogen & Oxygen Separation Cell. It uses 2 electrodes. Each electrode produces about 10.44 MLPM of separated gases, Per Amp, That amounts to less than 104.4 ML per minute, using 10 amps. It would take 96 amps to produce 668 MLPM of hydrogen, and 334 MLPM of oxygen. Basically, the product heats Water; but the H & O it produces can reduce pollution in the exhaust. And the water vapor it produces can assist with an increase in fuel economy.

  C.A.R.B Certification

   Hydrogen Power Systems    Escondido, California

I could not find any Detailed information about this companies product. They say stainless steel is not used as plates in their electrolyzers, but they do not say what "is" used. Their Electrolyte is KOH. They make HOH, not HHO; not a problem, it is the same thing. They do not mention how much HHO, excuse me, HOH that their products make (LPM). Nor do they state amperage. But they use 35 amp Controllers (PWM), and 40 amp Relays. Personally I suggest using a higher rated relay. Operating close to maximum is risky. They have one video measuring HOH production; using the bottle fill method; which works for me. When he starts the clock, he counts off the seconds, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4 -- towards the end of the 30 second mark he speeds up the count. LOL  (1, 1  is not a typo  --- that is exactly how he counted). I have complaints of this guy badgering experimenters for using 316L Food Grade stainless steel -- because of Hexavalent Chromium. He says 316L produces it; He offers no scientific proof that it does; non. There is no pricing listed on this web site. One must call or use Email. The product looks nice, from what I can see.

Eagle Research - George Wiseman's explanation of Chromium scam" http://www.eagle-research.com/cms/blog/browns-gas/hexavalent-chromium-electrolyzers


I do not find enough informaton to consider recommending this company to anyone.  Why?


Eagle Research -     Hyzor Cell    Oroville, Washington (website info.)


 ER50 Electrolyzer  (Assembly videos for this product might be made at the end of this year)

An honest company. LPM is measured with the bottle fill method, but uses a  counter weight which, in my opinion, fudges the amount of gas that is created than that without using the counter weight. That is where the increase in efficiency comes from. You won't find any videos showing the HHO output. I take that back. There are a few, testing a torch. I think one gets a more accurate measurement if they let the HHO gas displace the water out of the bottle.

The Mighty Mite Store uses George Wiseman's design; and modifies it some what; with Georges' permission of course.

3 inch diameter PVC


  http://www.hydrogenesis.eu/eng/     Hydro Genesis        Ilioupoli, Greece

Hydrogen Separation Cell.
2 plates, operating at 12vdc or 24vdc
They also have a 2 stack model that uses 3 plates.

300 to 500 Milliamps; not much amperage. @ 12vdc it should produce about 5 MLPM of HHO. Yes, 5 MLPM
Electrode plates look to be about 6x6 inches.

No Bubbler Required; so they say.

No Customer Reviews, or Customer Service Information
I can't see paying $400 for 5 MLPM of Hydrogen


   http://www.ultimatecell.ie/cars/   Ultimate Cell       Dublin Ireland

According to their video, the Cell is manufactured by a Portuguese Company

Web site says it operates on half of an amp (0.5)
The electrolyte fluid lasts for 40,000 miles.
Video shows one small bubble being produced every few seconds.
Video shows an electronic circuit board built into the top of the cell. It could easily be a voltage reducer.
Construction looks to be Wet Cell design.

Their testing results show that it produces up to 318 milliliters per hour (5.3 milliliters per minute.
They would need 2 electrode plates, 1 x 1 inch square, at 1/2 amp to accomplish that.


 http://www.innovativehydrogen.com/      Innovative Hydrogen Solutions   Aurora ON Canada

Seems to be a reliable company, but no product details. The owner was furious for being on this list; honest. This company specializes in Big Rig Trucks. They supply 3rd Party Test and Evaluation of their products. The owner told me that No Customer has ever questioned them about the output specifications or capabilities of their Cells.

 Imagine that !

http://ihhoi.com/   Independent HHO Testing Lab     IHHOI   Valley View, Ohio

Amperage levels used for testing should be based on efficient Current Density capabilities of the cells configuration. Cell Configurations are not listed. They claim to be able to accurately measure the LPM of a cell, regardless of atmosphere, temperature, humidity, etc; all in good faith. You pay to be a member; you also pay for testing ($500). There are no videos on their web site; showing testing. Yeah. Just hand your money over, and we will give you a sticker.

http://savewithawave.com/   Save With A Wave   Titanium Cells   Out of Business?
http://www.hhogeneratorstore.com/    HHO Generator Store   Out of Business?

They are trying to cram Titanium as being superior to 316L Stainless Steel. Nod-da.
They have Poor heat configurations built into their cells. Require cooling radiators to get rid of the heat.
Titanium Coating; amperage deteriorates it. Titanium does not make a superior gas than 316L stainless steel. Titanium is a harder metal, yes, but has higher resistance to electron flow, and is non-magnetic. The MMO coating they use is sensitive to high amperage, and some electrolytes.
Titanium does not rust, but other metals that touch the water do. And guess what that is going to be ---- their stainless steel cooler.

I did not find any information on Customer Support, or Customer Feedback.
Research them good before you commit.


  http://www.fuelfromh2o.com    MagDrive  Acworth, Georgia   Dallas, Texas

http://www.lonestarfuelfromh2o.com  Lone Star Fuel From H2O     Out of Business

Welded and weld sealed Wet Cells.


Affiliates: They all use the same website http://www.fuelfromh2o.com
www.coloradofuelfromh2o.com  Colorado
www.socal-fuelfromh2o.com      California
http://www.cfhydrogen.com/  Central Florida
http://www.ultracarz.com/      Ultra Cars     Nevada
http://www.texas-driving-greener.com/    Texas
http://www.ewhydrofuel.com/   Washington


        Top Energy, LLC      "China"


  https://www.advancedhho.com/    Advanced HHO    an affiliate of    Top Energy, LLC

Advanced HHO offers parts along with selling entire kits. This allows you to buy replacement items, or only order the harder to find components you need to build your own. (They are a supplier)

ES8 Cell Kit  (12 inch plates)
ES16 Cell Kit (double stacked ES8)
ES4000 Cell Kit  ( close to 8 inch plates)
ES6000 Cell Kit (2 stacks of 8 or12 inch plates ?)
DC450 Cell Kit   (4 inch plates)
DC800 Cell Kit  (6 inch plates)
DC1600 Cell Kit (double stack DC800)

This is their reason why HHO works:  To make sure you have a good understanding of how and why these systems work, let's take a look at some basic chemistry. We just need to talk about molecules and atoms. Water is a molecule, and a molecule is made up of smaller parts known as atoms. That's the end of the first lesson!      To make sure you have a good understanding of how and why these systems work, let's take a look at some basic chemistry. We just need to talk about molecules and atoms. Water is a molecule, and a molecule is made up of smaller parts known as atoms. That's the end of the first lesson!    (they repeated the statement, I just copied it)

They provide few details. Not enough to review the quality of their product.
I am seeing these cells and products on other company web sites.

http://www.dry-cells.com   Dry-Cells  
http://www.fuelsaver-mpg.com/   Fuel-Saver - MPG
http://www.reliantfuelsystems.com/  Reliant Fuel Systems
http://www.kempcospec.com/   Kempco Specialists    

  Wideband EFIE   

Look Familiar?

Digital EFI Max Quad





  MAP/MAF    Frequency or Analog Type

Look Familiar?






   Delux PWM with 50 amp LCD Controller

Look Familiar?






   PWM 40 Amp, Easy Adjust, Constant Current

Look Familiar?http://www.highyieldglobal.com/

http://www.highyieldglobal.com/    High Yield Global       High Yield Performance, IncOut of Business?

Not too impressed. There G-1000 system uses 4 oz. of water every 10,000 miles. No pricing on their web site. No sales from their web site. You must contact them if interested.


http://www.globalhydrogentech.com/     Global Hydrogen Technologies  
  Pinellas, Florida


Hardly any product details. They say the cells are pressure tested to 100 PSI.

The company has been in business since 2008. They do not sell directly to the public.



http://fuelsaver-mpg.com    Fuel Saver MPG

http://www.environmentalengines.com/home.html    Environmental Engines  (web site under construction)

http://www.fuelgeniesystems.com/  Fuel Genie Systems


http://hydrogenator.us/  Hydrogenator    Out of Business

http://www.h2-hydro-gen.com/   H2-Hydro-Gen          Out of Business?

http://www.hydroxygarage.com/Cell.html    Hydroxy Garage Stan Meyer Tube Type Cells; very poor details.
http://www.watercaraz.com    Water Car AZ   Out of Business?  
http://hidrogeneozero.webs.com/hhodryfuelcells.htm    Hidrogenozero This web site is Frozen by the Hosting Company.
http://affordablehydrogenfuelcells.webs.com/    Affordable Hydrogen Fuel Cells   USA     Switzerland

Looks like they are using Electrical Project Boxes as Cell containers.
No specifications on their cells, no useful information.
Personally, I would not make a purchase.


http://www.totalhho.com   Total HHO, LLC      USA

also on eBay.com

This company can not substantiate their LPM. They are using Wet Cell designs. Their 25 plate system is several Cell Stacks of 4 plates in Series; using 2 neutral plates in each stack. They are applying 48 volts DC from a Generator that you must connect with a Fan Belt. The generator supplies all of the power. Cell voltage will be about 16 volts. That is going to cause an incredible amount of heat. The Cell will overheat rather quickly. It may be capable of make 6.5 LPM at 35 amps per Stack, with a total of 210 amps; Real brute force electrolysis. The under the hood electronics board is monstrous in size. You will need a lot of room for this brute. The smaller 12 volt systems they have are using Fernco rubber lids and bottoms; ok for experimenting, but not ok for professional manufacturing; my opinion. If you watch their videos, you will see them leaking water. When operated at 12 volts, plate voltage will be about 4 vdc; still too high. It will heat quickly. These Cells are not demonstrated producing 50 to 60 LPM at 30 to 35 amps.

I personally would not purchase this product.


http://hod.pureone.com/index.htm  Pure One Fuel Cell,   California       Glass Jar-Cells

http://www.apolotech.us/HHO_system.html    Apolo Tech

http://www.hybridtech-energy.com    Hybrid Tech Energy   Out of Business?

http://www.hhogastechnology.com/    HHO Gas Technology

http://www.thecell.com    The Cell   Florida
No specifications about the Cell. No useful information that encourages me to contact them for a price quote.


http://www.hybridconversions.com/  Hybrid Conversions    Out of Business?
http://hydrogenconversiongarage.com    Hydrogen Conversion Garage  (e-Book)

http://www.accessweb.it/en/hydrogen_car_conversion_kit.htm    Access Web    Italy


Blu Magic Cell:  Uses rain water; claims it is different because it creates plasma energy; info@accessweb.it


http://hydrotuning.com/    Hydro Tuning    Out of Business? Sells other companies products; provides no details at all. You must contact them by email.


http://www.hydrolinium.com/index.html  Hydrolinium   (Georgia) 

Most of their LPM estimates are close to the amperage being used, however the larger Cells are not. The Cells seem to be Wet Cell technology, but could be Dry Cell. They are enclosed in plastic material. Current Density may or may not be correct; difficult to tell because they do not state the Active Surface area of the plates.. They seem to be an honest company.


http://more-mpg-plus.com  More-MPG-Plus          Out of Business  
http://www.kempcospec.com/   Kempco Specialists     An Affiliate of Fuelsaver-mpg
http://www.diytrade.com/china    DIY Trade    Out of Business?

http://www.mpg-systems.co.uk     MPG-Systems
Look to be an Affiliate of FuelSaver-mpg.com

http://www.indiamart.com/water-fuelcell/hho-generators.html    Indiamart
An Affiliate of hydroxygarage.com


http://www.aquareactor.com/    Aqua Reactor    Korea

http://www.zteck.com/    Zteck      Out of Business?

http://thehhodrive.com/    The HHO Drive           Out of Business

http://www.hhomonster.com/    HHO Monster     Out of Business?

http://www.mileagemaxer.com/    Mileage Maxer    Washington State
No specification information at all.


http://www.hydrogeninjectiontechnology.com/Products.html  Hydrogen Injection Technology       California
No specification information at all. `Tube Cell design.

http://www.h2o-impianti-idrogeno.it/   H2O Impianti Idrogeno   Italia     Czech Republic
Seems to be using typical dry cell designs.


http://www.new-day-energy.com/    New Day Energy
A portable wet cell in a box. Explosive HHO is stored in the gas output hose that leads from the cell to the air box. The hose is routed under and along the chassis, with clips. It is exposed to road hazards. There is no web site proof of EPA approval or Global awards.
http://www.aquatune.com/overview.php    Aqua Tune
Aqua Tune Water/Hydrogen Injection
http://www.efficientvehiclesolutions.com/     Efficient Vehicles Solutions              Out of Business  
http://www.waterfuelcell.co.uk/    Water Fuel Cell       UK
No pictures, No product details, No specifications


Hydrogen Technology Today   HT7


The company states they have Heat problems.

Gee, if they would only ask for help.

http://hydro-gas.com/Hydrogen-separation-Cell       Out of Business?

http://hydrogenesismalaysia.blogspot.com/     Just a Blog


No Specifications, No LPM, No Details at all.


eBay tnhonestabe  PE Hydrogen Cells   Disregard the Dwyer LPM Meter reading in the one video and I will support these products. Seller makes no claims as to the Output of the cells
http://www.greenerva.com/GreenerVa-Cell.html      Out of Business?

http://hhoboosters.eu/en    HHO Boosters    EU     Neherlands

http://www.hollandroadauto.com/car-parts/hho-generators.html   Holland Road Auto After Market Car Parts


Progressive Minerals Inc.   United States
http://www.hho-systems.co.uk/  HHO-Systems       UK  


HHO SCAM scammed fraud lies truth flim flam

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