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Starting an HHO Project - What You Should Know

When starting an HHO Project, it helps to know what you are getting into. In putting this page together, my intent is to help you understand the subject better, before you make any commitments. HHO is for experimenters. It is not something you install and forget about; it needs attention now and then.
Overview - How HHO Works
Discusses the Operation of a Hydrogen Generator, and provides an Overview of the Effects HHO has on an Internal Combustion Engine.
Before You Buy A Cell 
Discusses things you should know ... Before you Build a Cell or Buy a Cell
Parallel vs. Neutral Plates 
Discusses and compares the effects of Voltage and Amperage when using Parallel Plates and Neutral Plates. If you are designing a cell, you will want to read this.
How To Make A Dry Cell 
Explains the theory of Dry Cell construction and what it accomplishes. Also covers Sealing the edges, Crosshatching and Cleaning the plates, Gasket Alignment, Gas Output Port, Water Input Port, and Tube Cells.
Understanding Amperage
I do not want to confuse those who have very limited knowledge of basic electronics, so I will not go into deep explanations of the Electron Theory. Instead, I simply state that "Amperage is the flow, or movement, of electrons on or across a conductor - such as a copper wire or stainless steel plate". The electrons get pushed or pulled out of their orbit around their atom - by a force. In our case, that is with HHO or Electrolysis of water, It is the voltage that supplies the force.
HHO Cell Configuration 
I made possible, a method of configuring an efficient cell, based on operating voltage. You can download the program and use it as a learning tool. It will help you understand how plate surface affects amperage and heat draw.
HHO Cell Pressure Test
Has to do with Safety
Running on 100% HHO
Scams to avoid
HHO Mist
See examples of what comes out of an HHO Generator
Proof HHO Works
Documented articles
Stan Meyer - Electrical Polarization Theory
Stan patented a process of creating Voltage Fields to disassociate the Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms from water.
Cell Spacing
The farther apart your plates are, the less amperage your cell will draw through the water. The closer they are, the more amperage your cell will draw
Bubblers & Tanks
Learn what Bubblers are and how they are used with an HHO Generator.
Cleaning and Conditioning Plates
Your stainless steel sheets and or rolls, all have a coat of oil on them. That needs to be cleaned off. Get it off of the top, the bottom and all of the sides. All of the oil.
What are Electrolytes? Why do we use them?
Flashback Arrestors
What is a Flashback Arrestor and why do we use them?
How to control Foam, and what causes it.
Using Water as Fuel
There are two or three main objectives for creating a Hydrogen Generator Unit - increasing the miles per gallon performance and reducing the harmful emissions are the top two priorities. Running the vehicle on water alone is a future objective.
Wire Size
Learn what size wires you need to install your HHO Generator safely.
Learn to respect HHO and ways to make it safe.
Installation Tips
Learn how to install your HHO Generator and where not to put it.
Cold Weather Tips
Cold weather requires special treatment in order to avoid freezing your cell water.
Magnetic Alignment of the Plates
Interesting view of how the magnetic field, created by electron flow, affects the HHO gas output.
Learn how to construct a cooling radiator for your cell water
What electrical components will you need for your HHO Generator Installation?








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