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High Voltage Cells


Here are the high voltage HHO Generators that I have so far found.

The Punch 55 plate home unit is for home heating, experimenters, and torch systems. They offer a 120v AC - DC rectified variable controller to make this unit much more user friendly. If you have 220v access you can use 2 of these in series and double your output capability.


It would be better if this were 61 plates instead of 55. Better to have 1.8 to 2 volts for plate voltage. 55 plates will be about 2.22 volts. Will heat a little sooner. I calculate 20 amps is the maximum for this unit. That should produce about 11 LPM. 2400 Watts of power. 6x6 inch plates

The Punch 110 plate 220-240 unit is s 65 LB monster! They offer a controller for this unit as well. The controller is 220v AC in and 0-220VDC out and will deliver 50 amps of continuous power non stop. I also now have cooling systems to go along with these large units, this is very helpful to maintain your electrolyte temp


Maximum 20 amps; 4400 Watts. 6x6 inch plates
22.75 LPM

GreenFuel H20 Power Converter/Controller, AC to DC

AC to DC power converter for 59 and 118 plate HHO generator.
Converts 115 volt AC to 130 volt DC
Converts 230 vol AC to 245 volt DC


GreenFuelH20 130 volt 59 Plate Cell

Up to 8 liters per minute of HHO production.
316 laser cut Plates. Over 1575 inches of plate surface area.
High temp. dye EPDM rubber gaskets.
3/4 superior high temp. HDPE end caps.
70 amp bridge power supply (optional)
Variable output controller (optional)


240 volt models use two of these.

Bob Boyce 61 Plate Cell

Good Video Support


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