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High quality Jar Cells for sale; below manufacturing cost.
These are by far the best constructed Jar Cells available. They can be used to make "Charged Water" or to make "Humidity & HHO Gas".

The Jar Cell is credited for spreading the HHO movement.  They are not capable of producing large quantities of HHO gas. They do not have enough surface area on the electrodes to do that. By design, they produce a humidity that benefits fuel burn in gasoline and diesel engines. The wires heat the water, which produces the humidity; in the process, water molecules are separated into hydrogen and oxygen bubbles (HHO).  The humidity and the HHO is then fed into the engines air way so that it gets sucked into the combustion chambers as part of the metered air and fuel mix. The added oxygen leans out the fuel ratio, which causes fuel to burn more completely, but it increases heat. However, the humidity has a cooling effect that lowers combustion temperatures and gets pressurized into steam. As for the hydrogen, well it burns other fuels around it. The process happens without the need to fool the engine computer.

By design, this Jar Cell operates on low amperage. The diameter of the wire electrodes limits the amount of electrical current that it passes. If too much current is allowed, the water will boil and the wires will deteriorate because of electron bombardment. These cells should be operated using about 3 amps. Their primary purpose is to heat the water and produce humidity for the engine. HHO is a by-product of the process.

One nice feature about this Jar Cell is the stainless steel housing. It helps protect and contain the glass. As for the Lid, it is strong, thick, made to last.

Most installations consist of a single Jar Cell operating on a 12 volt system. If you want to increase your output, consider adding more cells. If you do so, consider wiring them in Series. Series will increase the efficiency of the cell by lowering the operating voltage to each cell. 

Place your Positive wire on this end (+ -)-----(+ -)-----(+ -) and your Negative wire on this end. That wires 3 cells in a series.


Available quantity: 3,000 Units  (the molds can also be purchased)

  • Each Jar Cell is constructed with all 316L stainless steel; glass protector, wing-nuts, washers, bolts, wire.
  • Each Jar Cell is equipped with an adjustable mounting bracket.
  • The Jar Lids are Heavy Duty, quality, injection molded, and are designed not to leak.
  • The Wire Mount assembly is Heavy Duty Injection Molded.
  • The Cell Holder is injection molded.
  • Each Jar is assembled; and equipped with a Wire Cell.
  • Each Cell is packaged in Styrofoam for safe shipping. (single or three pack)
  • The complete inventor will ship FOB from L.A. (Free 150cm  tubing for each cell if you buy all of the jars; also includes about 300 extra pieces of 316L wire sets for free)

Pricing: There is an opportunity to purchase these Cells at a little more than $13 each. You can not purchase the parts and assemble them for that price.

                    (The seller is not interested in selling less than 1000 units at a time)

  • All inventory for $40,000 (does not include the molds) (Make an offer)
  • 1,000 Units for $15,000 (that is $15 per unit)
  • Buy the Lid Mold for $4,000 (you can not have it made for that price)
  • Buy the Wire Tower Mold for $5,000 (you can not have it made for that price)


  • At present, the customer pays all shipping costs from Taiwan


  • All Sales are Final (Inventory Clearance).

Contact:  Due to language interpretations, I am mediating contact between you and the seller; at the sellers request. I know the seller personally. I assure you he is honorable. For inquiries, please contact me via the mail link below.





This Jar Cell is so well constructed, it could easily be used to house stainless steel flat plates; in other words, convert it from a wire cell to a flat plate cell, or even a tube cell. I have an interest in converting it to Fog Vapor injection. The Fog could be created from water, alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel; etc. It could easily be accomplished using an ultrasonic transducer to vibrate the liquid into vapor.

9 out of 10 companies that produce Hydrogen Generators (HHO) will tell you Jar Cells are not safe; never use them. Admittedly, I am guilty of that. However, when considering how this Jar Cell is used, and how it is constructed, glass becomes an asset. Chuck uses thick glass jars than can withstand the heat and light impact. He also protects the glass with the stainless steel housing. If it were to break, the housing and mounting bracket would contain most of the glass.

The windows in the housing allow us to inspect what is going on inside the jar. One thing is certain, the glass will not melt, thus the jar will not leak.

I will put my reputation on the line by stating "this jar cell is safe to use as long as it is used as intended. That is, it is used to create humidity --- with a by-product of HHO. It is not primarily an HHO generator. HHO generators require a lot of amperage and a lot of surface area for that amperage. Wire Cells can efficiently produce humidity, but they can not efficiently produce HHO.

If you intend to use this product primarily as an HHO generator, then replace the wire electrodes with flat plates or tubes. The wire strands are heating elements, not HHO plates. The wires will deteriorate quickly if excess amperage is used to generate HHO. Be prepared to encounter changes that the engine computer may compensate for.

The cells can be packaged as a 6 pack.
The cells can be packaged as singles.
These cells are assembled using Solid 316L stainless steel wire.

Some companies use stranded stainless steel wire. They say it increases surface area, it does do that, but all of that surface area does not touch the water; only the outside layer touches the water. Stranded wire provides more surface area for electrical current to pass over, but it provides less surface area for HHO production. Stranded wire will also cause foaming; each strand is lubricated as it is manufactured. When oil is mixed with electrolytes such as KOH and NaOH, it produces soap suds, hence foam.

It is also important to know that the surface area of each strand is smaller than the surface area of solid wire. Electron bombardment will deteriorate the stranded layers more quickly. The result will be metal strand particles falling to the bottom of the cell. Of course this happens over time, but it happens.

Something else to consider; stranded wire is flexible. If the water gets hot enough, the plastic tower that holds the strands together will soften, and possibly melt. The stranded wires will loose there shape and possibly short together (stranded has a tendency to straighten. Solid wire, however, will hold its shape. It is less likely to short.

Yet still more consideration should be given to the distance between wire electrodes. Both solid and stranded conduct the most HHO in the areas that are closest between the 2 electrodes. With stranded however, that surface level varies by the depth of the strands. That will result in most of the HHO being produced by the closer strand surfaces. That variance will affect gas production in the same way flat plates and tubes are affected when they are not spaced equally. Solid wire has an advantage, although it is small.

The Jar Cell will be shipped assembled.

These are the components.

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