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Magnetic Alignment         


How to find the North and South ends of your stainless steel tubes.

Stainless Steel  is very low magnetic, but it still has some magnetism to it; even non-magnet ss has "some" magnetism. Your tubes need to be magnetically aligned in order for them to produce at their best. They must all be aligned with their MOST Magnetic ends facing the same direction. If you do not do this, you won't get much gas production around a miss-aligned tube. "Joe Cell" technology teaches us the same thing. I believe the Magnetic Force has an effect on the separation of the water molecules. It supposedly happens on the "surfaces of the tubes" as the ions are attracted to their opposite polarities. The amount of voltage (which is electrical pressure) and the amount of current - the movement of electrons flowing through the cell (which we are measuring in Amps) has a direct relation to the amount of HHO gas that is produced. This is Ohms Law, not rocket science.

To produce the best magnetic field, all of the tubes need to be aligned exactly the same. Once you accomplish that. Apply your Negative DC voltage to the "bottom" of the center tube, and Positive to the top of the outside tube. This sets up a North South alignment of magnetic field across the entire length of the tube. The field will be in the shape of a figure 8 .... encompassing the entire surface of the tubes. When that alignment happens, your HHO will move "up and out" not downward. If your electrical connections are both at the top, the magnetic field encompasses only the top of the tubes.

Again, if you apply both Positive and Negative at the top of the tubes, even when using Flat Plates, the magnetic field has a tendency to push the HHO to the sides, or Down. On the other hand, if you apply the DC at the bottom for all of your tubes/plates, the magnetic field has a tendency to push your HHO to the sides or UP. Watch anyone's videos that is using a clear container and pay attention to where they are applying the DC. You will see exactly what I mean. My own video that uses the tubes with perforated holes will show you my point.

Because you are using tubes, you are making both a water capacitor and a water inductor. A capacitor stores voltage. An inductor can collect voltage, transfer voltage, and produce a magnetic field. So get your tubes aligned magnetic N & South.

If you do not align your tubes/plates first, the cell will not function at its best. When you apply voltage to the tubes, and start producing electrical current, the induced magnetic field that is produced will be opposed by any miss-aligned tubes. Oxygen bubbles will be influenced to hang around instead of heading up and out. It may take several hours of operation, but eventually the stronger magnetic field will polarize all of the tubes magnetically the same. Your non-magnetic steel becomes magnetically aligned on its own. But if you want your cell to work right out of the gate, magnetically align and assemble the tubes first.

If a magnet is sliced, as above, each slice is magnetically aligned the same. Together, the slices still react as one large magnet. This is what magnetic alignment is all about.

  Magnetic Field of a Bar Magnet

Magnetic lines of force have a number of important properties, which include:

  • They seek the path of least resistance between opposite magnetic poles.
  • In a single bar magnet as shown, they attempt to form closed loops from pole to pole.
  • They never cross one another.
  • They all have the same strength.
  • Their density decreases (they spread out) when they move from an area of higher permeability to an area of lower permeability.
  • Their density decreases with increasing distance from the poles.
  • They are considered to have direction as if flowing, though no actual movement occurs.
  • They flow from the south pole to the north pole within a material and north pole to south pole in air.



"This video demonstrates the bubbles being drawn downward by the Magnetic Field"


As demonstrated in the video above, Hydrogen, being a much lighter gas, rises to the top of the water surface.
Oxygen, being a much heavier gas, is being drawn away from the surface.
This affects the ratio of the gases that make it to the surface.
Less Oxygen in the mix, means a less volatile gas makes it to the surface.
The water is storing Oxygen, instead of releasing it.


"This is what happens when the Tubes magnetically align"



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