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March 29, 2012, US Refinery Expansion not likely to lower gas prices !
The largest ever refinery expansion in U.S. history is nearing completion in Port Arthur, Texas. While it isn't technically a new site, it will be adding so much new capacity that the expansion is like adding the equivalent of a second refinery to the same area where the existing 275,000 barrels-per-day plant operates.
March 29, 2012, How a War with Iran could cause $7 gas prices !
If gas prices are still close to $4 per gallon when Election Day rolls around, President Obama will face tough political odds. But Obama--or his successor--could end up with a far worse problem than that in the not-too-distant future.
March 23rd, 2012, U.S. Gasoline hits $3.93 a Gallon (Survey)
Among cities covered by the survey, the lowest average price was in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at $3.58 per gallon. Drivers in Chicago paid the most at $4.56 a gallon.
March 22nd, 2012, No Magic Bullet for the Price of Gas !
As they ruminate at the pump, Americans may have finally figured out the new global deal on gasoline: there's no magic bullet to bring prices down as long as the United States remains hooked on oil.

No matter how many billions of dollars oil companies rake in, the world market, not individual oil producers, sets the price of oil. Likewise, there is little, if anything, U.S. presidents—or their political opponents—can do to ward off $4 per gallon gasoline.

March 21st, 2012, Where are the highest gas prices in the country?
When you think of ridiculously high gas prices, California comes most immediately to mind—and rightly so. After all, it was among the first states to top the $4-per-gallon threshold, and it has the highest average gas prices of the lower 48 states at about $4.33 a gallon.

Use of E15 Ethanol Sparks Lawsuit from Auto Makers

More EPA on E15
E15 may be lawfully sold by a fuel or fuel additive manufacturer only after the manufacturer has registered E15 and met the conditions of the partial waivers. For more information on fuel registration, visit the Registration and Health Effect Testing page. There are a number of additional factors, including requirements under other federal, state, and local laws, that may also affect the distribution of E15.


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