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Passenger Compartment & Trunk


"Quite often, I get asked about putting HHO Generators in the passenger compartment and trunk of a vehicle."


The trunk is used quite often. Bob Boyce uses it. There is a wall between the passengers and the Cell. If the cell was to rupture, the electrolyte mix would be isolated away from them; less chance of it getting in their eyes. If there were to be a leak of fluid, it would not be on your carpet. If there were a gas leak, the trunk is not as air tight as the passenger compartment. If there were an explosion, it would not be deafening to your ears. You are dealing with a gas that has a flash speed of over 3000 feet per second. Our advice is to not have it in the passenger compartment, nor piped through the passenger compartment. It is a safe gas to use - when used safely.
It would be safer to use a Separation Cell in the passenger compartment, one that separates the hydrogen and oxygen as it is made. The two gases do not get mixed. That makes the gas non-explosive. Separation Cells are harder to build; yet almost the same. They have a membrane between the plates that keeps the gases separated. A special gasket design collects the gases and channels them out of the cell via separate gas outlets. The membrane is sandwiched between two gaskets in order to build a water chamber on each side of it. I have information here   http://hho4free.com/hydrogen_separator_cell.htm
If you put a cell under the dash, be sure to put a flash back arrestor on it, close to the hho output. That will limit chances of an explosion. There are videos on YouTube showing cells blowing up. Most of them do so because of stupidity. You don't want electrical connections under water. If they get loose, they can arc. If you put the cell in an enclosed container, and ventilate it good, it could be in the passenger compartment. The container must be strong enough to contain an explosion. Containers can be rigged so that they can be removed easily. Disconnect the gas hose, and disconnect the power. If you do this type of installation, you will need a circulating pump for the water, because of the position of the bubbler and cell will be about the same height.
The tube cell I built would have been safe in the passenger compartment. I did not know that at first. It was built strong enough to withstand several flash backs that I encountered. The worst one just blew the hho output hose off. It was constructed of all stainless steel. The lid was held down by 4 screws.
So the passenger compartment is doable, just think safety.

I have some safety videos on this page http://www.hho4free.com/safety.htm



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