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Plastic Container Parts


"If you use Plastic containers and lids, please keep safety in mind."


Fernco Quick Caps  

Offer a quick, easy way to cap pipe ends. Made of flexible PVC, they're suitable for above-ground or underground use, on cast iron, steel, copper or plastic piping.

The convex face allows the cap to withstand greater pressure for testing purposes and minimizes ballooning.

To install, simply place over open end of pipe and tighten to 60" lbs. torque. If a Flashback were to get to the cell, this lid will blow off.

The lids are nearly a half inch thick. They can be drilled and tapped for threading an outlet valve for your hose. Under a vacuum, this lid will flex inward. You could minimize that by adding a hard Seal/surface between the end of the pipe and the inside of the cap.

Available from Castle Wholesalers.com

  Fernco Website       (these caps are available at hardware stores)

Fernco - Soft PVC Cap used as a lid on a stainless steel tube.
  • Drill a hole for the hose adapter
  • Screw the adapter in. No need for threading
  • Lid seals great
  • A back-flash will blow the lid off
  • This picture is of a 4 inch OD ss tube, using a 4 inch Fernco. The cap slid on with ease. The steel band had to be tightened quite a bit to seal the tube.

Fernco Soft PVC Cap used as a bottom. This is a 3 inch Inside Diameter Aluminum Pipe, schedule 40, using a 3 inch Fernco. The cap was hard to get on.

Hydrogengarage's way of using a plastic lid on stainless or plastic tubes.


Hydrogengarage's way of using galvanized lid on stainless or plastic tubes.



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