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HHO Generator Plans & Schematics


Here are some schematics I found on the web.

PWM - Constant Current

PWM - 6.5 Amp

  Velleman, Inc.

EFIE Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer

  D17, Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices

  Zero Fossil Fuel Plans

Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices, e-Book

  2,400 Pages, 39MB

Patrick Kelly's Chapter 10
Numerous designs of inventions that improve automotive fuel efficiency.
  • Meyer
  • Lawton
  • Boyce
  • and many more

Zack West Electrolyzer.
Zack West of the USA has produced an electrolyzer for his motorcycle. Zack's 250cc motorcycle can run on the output of his electrolyzer and Zach estimates the output as being 17 liters per minute of hydroxy gas.

Smack's Booster
The Smack's Booster is a piece of equipment which increases the mpg performance of a car or motorcycle, and reduces the harmful emissions dramatically.

Experimenters Guide to the Joe Cell

Bob Boyce 101 Plate Design



Daddyo's Tube Cell Assembly

Swiss Inox Cells
  • Tube Cells
  • Plate Cells
  • Wire cells

Chase's Tube Cell

Pajero Tube Cell

Igor's Unipolar Cell

Fast Freddy's Tube Cell

Stan Meyer Tube Cell

Dry Cell Assembly

Unipolar Dry Cells


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