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U.S. Clean Fuel Tax Deductions

You are allowed a limited deduction for the cost of clean-fuel vehicle property and clean-fuel vehicle refueling property you place in service during the tax year.

Clean-burning fuels:
The following are clean-burning fuels:

  • Natural Gas

  • Liquefied Natural Gas

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas

  • Hydrogen

  • Electricity

  • Any other fuel that is at least 85% alcohol (any kind) or ether

  • (Your engine must be totally powered by this Fuel. HHO is not powering your engine; it is aiding clean combustion of your existing fuel).

Deduction for Clean-Fuel Vehicle Property.
The deduction for this property may be claimed regardless of whether the property is used in a trade or business.

Clean-Fuel Vehicle Property

Clean-Fuel Vehicle Property is either of the following kinds of property.

  • Any property installed on a motor vehicle (including installation costs) to enable it to be propelled by a clean-burning fuel.

  • The property is an engine (or modification of an engine) that can use a clean-burning fuel, or The Property is used to store or deliver that fuel to the engine or to exhaust gases from the combustion of that fuel.

  • If HHO is not propelling the vehicle, then it is not a fuel; it is a fuel additive, same as ethanol gasoline mix. Making 100% Ethanol and using it as a fuel would qualify. Making and using 100% HHO would qualify under Hydrogen.

For vehicles that may be propelled by both a clean-burning fuel and any other fuel, your deduction is generally the additional cost of permitting the use of the clean-burning fuel.










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