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Troubleshooting Problems

Here are some steps that will help you solve most problems you encounter with HHO, as well as most problems in life.
  1. Make a good visual Inspection.
    We usually overlook the obvious.
  2. Try to imagine a Birds Eye View of the problem
    This will help you reason where the problem may be coming from.
  3. Sectionalize the Problem.
    What is not working. What section is it in
  4. Localize the Problem.
    Work your way through the process elimination.
  5. Isolate the Problem or component.
    Substitute with know good parts.
  6. Fix it or have it fixed ...if it can be fixed... if it is worth fixing...etc..

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Diesel Trucks


Long Haul Truck, C-15 Acert Twin Turbo, 15 Liter Engine
Does not see any gains from using HHO; over a 4 year period.
Scott says he was suckered into some of those units for 3 to 5000,00 for trucks and have not gotten any good results back and every one  says its either not enough gas; so I keep trying and trying and now I am up to 10 lpm and still nothing.  I built a massive res and bubbler system which uses a water pump, scr controller, 5000 watt inverter, and upgraded my alt to a 300 amp brushless one.  system pulls about 180 amps which is 15 amps on cell and 122 volts with a cell that has 61 plates.  it makes a lot of gas but still no results. some say it is cause I have the C-15 Acert twin turbo 15 liter and the hho has to be put in after the turbos but that is under a lot of boost pressure so don't think i know how to combat that issue if true.  I don't think my truck has O2 sensors or that the computer changes any thing as far as timing goes so don't think that is the problem. and every one says you can't make too much gas so why cant I seem to get any good results.  I really think it is the injection point that is the problem but I don't know who to turn too for answers.  I can send video and pics of my system for you to see it up and running.  but any advice you could tell me or send me would be very helpful.

  1. Good amounts of HHO are getting to the engine.
  2. The Inverter is not efficient. It is putting a big load on the Alternator (180 amps).
  3. HHO LPM may be too much. If the Air Fuel mixture is too volatile, the combustion will happen too soon, putting pressure on the pistons too soon, which will put a strain on the engine before the pistons reach there Timed combustion position.
  4. A similar Truck with the same engine (I think) lost its Fuel gains when it upgraded to 3 LPM and more.


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