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Bigfoot - Between two Worlds

Credit goes to Tom Stover & Mike Paterson of "Sasquatch Ontario"


As this situation progresses, a truth is slowly exposed. The belief that sasquatch are apes is gradually being dismantled by a handful of knowers who have a profound understanding that we are dealing with a species that is as complex as they are simple.

Ever wonder why there's 10's of thousands of documented sightings yet it's seemingly impossible to capture them on film?

Those who've had the enlightening experience of continued close contact understand that the discovery of this species opens the door to a new perspective.

Native folklore speaks of mystical beings, a forest brother who walks between two worlds. They speak the truth.

View all of their videos at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCDa_fzzLLz5qePU97w_8Og
  • Bigfoot Multi-dimensional ?
  • Stealth ?
Sasquatch Ontario is dedicated to the TRUTH of not only the existence of the Sasquatch People, but the actual TRUTH of who they are.

Sasquatch Ontario has been documenting a family of Sasquatch since the latter part of 2012 on a private property in Ontario, Canada. We have developed a situation over an extended period (over 2 years to date) gaining trust of a family of Sasquatch. Sasquatch (those we are personally dealing with) live on a quantum level of existence.

This is not the only situation involved in dealing with a quantum, sentient and highly evolved Being that many others are also realizing through their own personal experiences. Sasquatch are more than some ape who can hide well. They're beyond our human evolution, capable of abilities that are beyond conventional understanding.

Open your mind and your heart as that is the only way to learn the truth of the Sasquatch People. We are in a paradigm shift. The truth of Sasquatch is coming to the forefront of understanding.


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