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The Joe Cell

When I first started looking into Free Energy, I was fascinated by the Joe cell; so much so, I decided to start my research by building a working desktop model - not something that could be installed in a vehicle. The unit consisted of a large plastic bucket (with lid) and 5 stainless steel tubes. The tubes were made of 304L stainless. Their size varied from 1 inch to 5 inches in diameter and each was 12 inches in length.
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Eventually I came to the realization that solving the problems of the reliability of the Joe Cell technology was going to take quite a while, so I started pursuing the idea of using electrolysis to create hydrogen and oxygen - as Joe did in the beginning.

Now I have come full circle. I am ready to tackle the Joe Cell. Why? Well, basically it is because of the extensive knowledge I gained by researching different types of Free Radiant Energy. The works of Tom Bearden and John Bedini, and of course Nicola Tesla - who discovered it, unlocked doors to secrets that have been kept from us. Bedini used Tesla's ideas to find the illusive etheric energy. Using Bearden's theories, he developed his own methods of capturing the energy, and discovered a way to turn that energy into work.

John Bedini's motors capture the radiant energy as a liquid gas (so he thinks) and sends it to a battery. John believes that the radiant draws the etheric energy from the vacuum of the space we live in. Bearden states that the energy around us is enormous.

Joe talks about the ether as being Orgon energy; something he can not explain; or chooses not to explain. Joe says the energy can be affected by our body vibes and our attitude changes. He goes so far to say that even the water used in the cell has a memory that can affect the operation of the cell. We have also learned that high voltage electrical lines and storms can disrupt the reliability of the operation of the Joe Cell. These things are what pushed me away from the Joe Cell.

Well now I am back. I think Bedini's ideas of capturing the radiant needs to be used as the Joe Cell's power source. I think a Bedini power source can be used to capture the radiant and store it in the Joe Cell. After all, the Joe Cell is a battery. It is also a water inductor - and a water capacitor. I think those characteristics are all that is needed to utilize the Joe Cell as a battery to capture and store the etheric energy.

The Bedini charger eliminates the flow of current - that causes the heat and the increase in the magnetic field surrounding the Joe Cell. My theory is, it will keep the Joe Cell operating as an open loop system that never shorts out the dipole - which would destroy the capability to capture the radiant energy. If I am correct, the Joe Cell will be able to pull in enormous amounts of energy from the vacuum and store it.





If you are a skeptic on the Joe cell or skeptical about people that talk about the Joe Cell --- stop working from negative attitudes or disbelief. Watch this video. Science is very ignorant and in its so called Laws it doesn't pick up on this behavior. What really is happening has always been outside the laws of science. Are you ready to wake up to the matrix you are under as well as the spell, and find how deep the rabbit hole goes or are we still asleep.

  Peter Stevens and Joe talking about the Suzuki:  Diesel, White Spark, Coil, Polarity Change, "DC Generated Non-regulated Frequency", Pre-ignition, Timing, Generator, Starter Motor.




Joe Cell operating on a truck   Joe Cell Assembly



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