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Dry Cell Hydrogen Generators


Here are some Hydrogen Generators that I would consider purchasing.
  • Some are small - will fit on most vehicles.
  • They can be efficient.
  • They have good outputs at low amps.
  • They use 316L stainless steel plates.
  • If you purchase them as a kit, they come with well built water reservoirs/bubbler.
  • The companies have good warranties and good reputations, as well as feedback.
  • Feedback on these companies is appreciated.

"Before you purchase a Cell from a Company, check them out on my List"

  List of HHO Companies  


Global Ecological Solutions

This company make a variety of cell sizes, from small to large; all quality materials and craftsmanship!
They offer everything you will need - in Kits. I have personally examined these cells. They are of outstanding craftsmanship and superior performance.
  Global Ecological Solutions 
  • Models available - up to 5 LPM)
  • Even have HHO Separation Cells
  • -NNNNN+ (7 plates per stack ...my favorite configuration)
  • A 1 stack configuration can produce 1 LPM at 16 amps
  • Runs Cool for days
  • Quality Materials and exceptional craftsmanship
  • Cells are preconditioned by a Passivation process
  • This company has a very good reputation.
  • Sold as kits on their web site



Hydrogen Generator Kit Parts:
  • HHO Generator: 1                                               Flat Wire Connectors: 4
  • Water Reservoir Tank: 1                                    Tap Splice: 1
  • Water Trap Container: 1                                     Fuse Taps: 2
  • Red Wire: 10 feet                                                 Fuse: 2
  • Black Wire: 10 feet                                              Inline Fuse Holder: 1
  • Relay: 1                                                                 HHO Vacuum Hose: 10 feet
  • Circuit Breaker: 1                                                 House Clamps: 8
  • Large Round Wire Connectors: 4                    PWM: 1
  • Medium Round Wire Connectors: 2                EFIE: 1
  • Small Round Wire Connectors: 4                    Self Taping Screws: 16
  • Fitting for Air Intake: 1                                         Amp Gauge: 1



Green Fuel H2o

59 Plate Plug in HHO Generator Green Fuel H2o makes a cell that runs off of 120 Volts AC
( These products are being Reviewed )

 *  Contains 59 Series Plates
 *  Produces 1 to 9 LPM
 *  Designed to run at 15 AC Amps
 *  Comes with Bridge Rectifier Power Supply, rated at 70 Amps
 *  Other DC Models are available on their web site.
 *  This company has a very good reputation.




Evolution HHO

Evolution HHO makes a line of Cells that use stainless steel end plates, instead of plastic. The pictures below, show a model that can be hidden behind your license plate. Study the back of it carefully. You have to leave room for your hoses, so this cell is going to be suspended in front of your bumper. You will probably have to drill holes for it to. The company does not list any LPM or Amperage information. If you need to know, let me know which model, and I will look it up and calculate it for you.

  Evolution HHO web site



   DJC7 (Dry Joe Cell) using 7 tubes; 5 are neutrals

  eBay seller vpuriy  eBay Store



  • I do not agree with the wire connections here. They work, but does not look professional. The stainless steel band, holding the copper wire, is ok, but the strands of copper need to be soldered together, or else a connector needs to be added to the end of the wire. Moisture is going to get between the strands and cause the copper to corrode. This should be an easy fix.
  • I am not so interested in his method of cooling the cell with those white strips of thin metal. It looks gaudy. Besides, they take up extra space that is most likely not available in your engine compartment. Just my opinion.
  • This design looks like it has a hole in the bottom plate for the water fill hose. A bubbler is needed.
  • I suggest making the electrical connection, for the outer tube, close to or near the bottom. Believe it or not, that will make a big difference. It will cause the magnetic field to surround the complete length of each tube. This will help the HHO gases exit the top, instead of hanging around. It will also cause the electrical current to flow over more surface area. Ripley's believe it or not.
  • I would prefer the smaller, 6 inch cell that they offer; the one with 8 tubes. Smaller is better.

They offer 3 sizes:

  • DJC86:    6 inch tubes, 8 tubes 1 in to 2.75 in, 3.2LPM at 40 amps
    I rate this configuration at 731 MLPM at 10 amps,135 watts
  • DJC76:    6 inch tubes, 7 tubes 1 in to 2.50 in, 2.4LPM at 40 amps
    I rate this configuration at 626 MLPM at 10 amps, 135 watts
  • DJC712: 12 inch tubes, 7 tubes 1in to 2.50 in, 4.2LPM at 70 amps
    I rate this configuration at 1.25 LPM at 20 amps, 270 watts


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