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It is important to make your Cell safe to use.


If, for any reason, you need to turn the cell "on or off" while driving, you should have a conveniently located switch that can be reached from the drivers seat.

I match my circuit breaker amp rating with my PWM for safety and control of the cell. I use a relay that is capable of handling the PWM output rating.

  • The relay carries the amperage load. It can have a higher amp rating than the PWM.
  • The circuit breaker protects the PWM. It can have a lower amp rating than the PWM, but not a higher amp rating.


Better Battery Terminals  (very reliable)

Tired of loose accessory wire connections? These new terminals are great! There are many designs to choose from.


Circuit Breakers

80 Amp Circuit Breaker - Model CB80 (other models available from 80 to 300 amps)  (very reliable cut-off)
  • Trips near 80 amps (available in other amperages up to 300 amps)
  • Unique Push Button Reset - can be used as a Kill Switch
  • Water resistant housing
  • Rubber boots for the connectors

  Available from eBay seller uneeksupply

  Ebay seller Ipod World Wide

Note: If you plan to use a Fuse, the fuse should be rated at 1.5 times the expected maximum current flow. If the fuse is rated right at the maximum current flow, then it will usually blow after a period of time as it becomes warm. Fuses come in specific sizes, so you may need to select the next nearest size.

For example, if your radio is rated for 9 Amps maximum, then the fuse should be 9 x 1.5 = 13.5 A. Since there are no 13.5A fuses, use a 15A fuse.


In-Line Circuit Breakers  (very reliable cut-off)
  • Available in 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 80 amps
  • Unique Push Button Reset - can be used as a Kill Switch
  • Water resistant housing
  • Rubber boots for the connectors. Wire terminals are not needed.

  eBay seller uneeksupply

80 Amp Relay,  (very reliable)

Your Relay is used to connect your battery voltage to the cell. It needs to be capable of handling all of the amperage your cell uses, and then some.

  • High Current Relays are the most reliable and efficient way to turn on your HHO Cell
  • Compatible with all types of alternators and charging systems
  • Wire it to your ignition switch.
  • Water Resistant black phenolic plastic
  • 100,000 Mechanical Cycle Life

  Available from EBay seller bag-boy

  Available from EBay seller audio-adapters

  12V & 24V Relays (You want Continuous Operation)


40 Amp Relay - popular with most HHO setups
  • Can be ordered with a wiring harness
  • Not as reliable as the High Current Relay above
  • Wiring diagram




PWM - Pulse Width Modulators.

Use to Control the Amperage. Several models are available.
It is suggested to use a model that is rated Constant Current (CC)



Volo Chip



Volo HHO Performance Chips  (for OBD II computers)

This chip has been specifically tuned for the needs of HHO generator equipped vehicles. The FS2 is dynamic - which means the FS2 will consider oxygen levels in the exhaust, along with engine speed and load, intake air temperature and volume, and many other variables to determine the most efficient fuel delivery rate and timing at up to 256 separate load points.

When using HHO as a fuel supplement, the FS2 will adjust fuel delivery and timing to optimize efficiency.

When HHO is disabled, the FS2 will automatically re-adjust and switch to highly efficient, non-HHO enhanced maps.

The FS2 is a vehicle specific, custom programmed 20MHz Microcontroller. It utilizes its high speed serial input/output to communicate directly with the ECU through the OBD-II port.

Learn more

Scan Gauges

Ultra-Gauge - Both an OBD2 Scan Gauge and Information Center that displays selectable engine gauges.
  • Displays up to 75 gauges
  • RPM, Temperature, Intake Air Temp, Distance, Intake Pressure, Mass Air Flow, etc.
  • Displays an assortment of mileage gauges; Instantaneous MPG, Average MPG, Trip gauges, Gallons per Hour
  • Vehicle Trouble Codes
  • Customizable Alarms
  • For 1996 and Newer Vehicles, including RV's

Learn More at Ultra-Gauge web site

Scangauge 2 - Monitors your Fuel Mileage
  • Several models to choose from
  • Trip Meter
  • Speed
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Check Engine Codes

Learn more as Scangauge web site
  Scangauge for Dieses that have J1939 and J1708 Emissions Ctrl.


Kiwi MPG - Makes monitoring your fuel mileage affordable
  • Several models to choose from
  • Trip Meter
  • Speed
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Check Engine Codes

Learn more at Kiwi web site




Amp Gauges


Digital DC Ammeter

Better than the dc ammeter of a digital multi-meter (DMM) because of much higher current, lower insertion resistance and eight total measurements.

  • 0 - 100 Amps
  • Amp-Hours (0-65)
  • Watt-Hours (0-6554)
  • Watts (0-6554)
  • Peak Amps and Peak Watts
  • Voltage (0-60)
  • Minimum Voltage (sags)

  Available from RC Electronics

100 Amp Mini Digital Amp Panel Meter


100 Volt DC Mini Digital Panel Meter



Digital Volt Gauge 3 1/2 inches wide - LED digital Volt meter.
This meter can be powered by your 12v battery and it can measure your battery voltage. Set Dipswitch #4 and #5 to ON.

Available in Blue, Green, Red

  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5%
  • Type: LED (Blue)
  • Power supply: 6~15V
  • Range: 0-1.99V/ 0-19.99V
  • Resolution: 0.01V
  • Size: 79mm x 43mm x 23mm

Common ground is ok (DIP #4 set to On). Or if you prefer isolated input, set DIP #4 to Off

To switch to 0-2V, set DIP #5 to Off

DIP #1,#2,#3 decimal point position

  Available from ColdfusionX Electronics - on eBay

Analog 1 Volt DC Gauge

  eBay ColdFusionx

Volt Meter, 15vdc

  Radio Shack

Digital Volt Meter,

  eBay seller

Digital Volt Meter
  • Designed for measuring the voltage of 12V and 24V automotive battery
  • Cigarette Lighter socket interface
  • 1.1-inch LCD Display (shows the voltage directly)
  • LED indicators
  • Portable
  • Easy to use- just insert it into the cigarette lighter socket of your automobile


Amp meters require a SHUNT. If the shunt is not built in, you will need one that matches your meters mv rating. Amp Gauges usually have a built-in shunt.

100 Amp 75mv DC Shunt  (the mv must match the amp meter's mv rating)

200 Amp is also available

Shunt: The shunt passes the DC current to the cell. It also allows you to measure the current. If you have a 100 amp meter, you need at least a 100 amp shunt (or higher); plan for the capabilities of your meter.

  Available from ColdfusionX Electronics

DC to DC Converter Isolator:   $12.50

Needed to power your Digital Meters

Lets you turn your 12 volts DC into an isolated 5 volts DC (makes it look like a different power source).

A Digital amp gauge needs an isolated battery source. If you don't want to use the Isolator, use a 9 volt battery to power your digital gauge. You will have to change batteries when they run down.

  Available from ColdfusionX Electronics

5Volt DC Power Supply. Turns 12v into 5volts.

This is 5V power regulator designed by using a famous voltage regulator IC 7805. Output is very stable and smooth. Fluctuation, noise, spike all eliminated. The input can take a range from 7v to 36v dc.

It's an ideal candidate for being used for a Digital Panel Meter or other device driven by 5V DC at low current.

  Available from ColdfusionX Electronics


Power Wire

Available in different gauges and colors

  eBay seller Bag-Boy-Home-Auto



  Radio Shack

Variable Resistors & Potentiometers

  Radio shack


  Radio Shack

Project Boxes

  Radio Shack

Clamp-on Ammeter

Every HHO experimenter needs a clamp-on ammeter. It is your responsibility to know how many amps of electrical current your cell is drawing. It is not a guessing game. These meters vary in price, but start around $25.

  • Make sure your meter can read DC Amps
  • Use it to troubleshoot bad connections
  • Use it to test your electrolyte water mix. Too much electrolyte will make for a bad day.
Universal 3 inch Electric Supercharger
  • 3 inch Inlet and Outlet
  • This could possibly be used with Cold Fog applications

  available from eBay seller lokakech


Wiring Diagrams - Schematics





You can get an amp gauge or meter, locally, more than likely.

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