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My Videos

All 19 Videos on Youtube.com
Tube Cell Videos on Youtube.com
Flat Plate Cell Videos on Youtube.com
Videos of Parts, Assembling Tubes, Aligning Magnetic Field, on Youtube.com
Fast Start-up - 7 second video

This cell has 3 tubes inside that are 1/4 inch difference in diameters.
0.060 spacing between tubes

Start-up - 45 second video

Using 3 tubes with 1/4 inch differences in diameters


Hydrogen Electrolysis 2


Hydrogen Electrolysis 1 - Part 1


Hydrogen Electrolysis 1 - Part 2


Hydrogen Electrolysis 1 - Part 3


Tube Container - Bottom Seal

Shows how to make and seal a bottom container bolt.

Electrical Parts

Shows the parts I use to install a Cell safely

Aligning Flat Plates Magnetically


Aligning Tubes Magnetically


Assembling Tubes


Tube Components and Assembly Parts


Exploding an HHO Balloon


The Brute

Putting out nearly 5 Liters a minute

The Brute - 20 inch Plates


HHO Mist

Coming out of the cell

Flat Plate Cell



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23% Better
Fuel Efficiency


My Ford Taurus Project



When I first started experimenting with Hydrogen,  I put the Generator on my front bumper. It made me feel safe.
Now that I know it is safe, I use smaller generators and put them in the engine compartment.

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