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Tube Cell

The work of o2much4me

"The cell is under construction but as you can see, it has a very good start"



Added a motor-less refill from a filter container    ( will have a water check valve) 

3.5 inch Diameter Stainless Container (89mm)

18 inches long (457mm)

 The re-thread bolt is fastened to the lid on both sides. It extends through the center of the Cathode Tube and is fastened near the bottom of the tube.

The Cathode Tube is suspended from the lid.

Notice, the HHO output adapter is welded to the lid.

   Cathode Tube

This is an example of taking the cathode bolt out through the lid instead of out through the bottom of the cell.

A circular plate was welded to the inside of the tube, near the bottom. Holes were drilled to allow water to fill the tube (not necessary unless you want water to circulate through the center).

The cathode bolt is welded to the plate.


Looking inside of the container:

There are 5 tubes in the container. There Diameter varies by 1/4 inch. That leave a spacing of 0.060 or 1/16 inch (1.524mm).


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