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Flashback Arrestor

Flashbacks have been a concern for all of us. Carbureted engines are notorious for it. However, fuel injected engines rarely every experience a flashback. Backing Soda stops up flash arrestors. Bronze Wool flash arrestors eventually stops up because the electrolyte eventually sticks to it; same with porous arrestors. Some of the time, check valves work, but not all of the time.

ClearFlash for 1/4 & 3/8 inch ID hose




The Plug - for 1/2 inch ID hose


This looks like a good HHO flashback arrestor. It is 100% plastic; no metals.
Available in several sizes: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 inch (The Plug).

  • Withstands 1000's of Flashbacks
  • Video shows that a Check Valve does not stop Flashbacks
  • Rated up to 6 liters of HHO per minute

 No Longer Available on eBay from bruceenergetics




Green Fuel H2O Flash Arrestors


  Order from their web site (1 to 12 LPM)

Hydrogen Generator Flashback killer/preventer for HHO outputs of 1 to 12 liters per minute.
Unit is 3 inches in length and available with 3/8" an 1/4 inch barbed ends.


  High Flow Flash Arrestor (1 to 30 LPM)


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