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Permanent Magnet Alternators


By definition, a Permanent Magnet Alternator is an Alternator that uses moving permanent magnets instead of Electromagnets to induce current in coils of wire.
Stop wasting up to 50% of your power energizing the coil of standard brush type alternators that increase the strain on your motor as your power requirements increase.
Use powerful permanent magnet alternators (PMA's) to make cheap electricity for your Hydrogen Generator.
Permanent magnet alternators are by no means standard "Automotive" alternators
containing brushes and electro-magnetic coils. A PMA does not waste power by having 
to continuously create an energy intensive magnetic field.

  Power Curve Charts


The electromagnet armature and brushes have been replaced by powerful Neodymium super magnets.
WindBlue Power - Stators



WindBlue Power

Permanent Magnet Alternator Rotor Fits Delco 10SI / 12SI alternators


WindBlue PMA Alternators
  • Low RPM
  • High RPM
  • Low Voltage
  • High Voltage
  • Low Amperage
  • High Amperage

WindBlue PMA   DC-500
  • With a 12 volt battery connected, this PMA produces 120 Amps at 2000 RPM ( PMA RPM's)
  • Zero Cogging



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